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Business 10 October 2018

Crypto exchange Binance delists 4 altcoins

In an effort to protect its users, cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced that it would delisting four cryptocurrency tokens from its platform, effective Oct. 12.

Business 4 September 2018

BTC Gold delisted over lack of 51% attack compensation

Bittrex has decided to delist the alt coin after its team failed to pay the sum of 12,732 BTG, worth $265,000 in current trading price, as compensation following the infamous 51% attack in May, in which hackers managed to spirit away over 388,000 BTG.

Business 13 August 2018

BitConnect vanishing soon from the face of crypto world

Cryptocurrency exchange TradeSatoshi announced that it is removing 10 altcoins from its platform effective Sept. 10, 2018. Among the coins to be delisted is BCC, which reportedly still has a market capitalization of over $6.6 million—an incredible feat given that the token is practically worthless now.​

Business 20 July 2018

Crypto market daily report – July 20, 2018

Bitcoin Cash experienced a slight pull back to below the $800 level and even went as far as the $760 level, but the currency then experienced a mini rally with the price settling at just under the $800 mark on Friday morning.