nChain's Jimmy Nguyen: BSV is open for business, open for everyone

Jimmy Nguyen: BSV is open for business, open for everyone

It becomes obvious, in reading what’s been made available on social media, that many Bitcoin Core (BTC) supporters like to attack Bitcoin SV (BSV) for the simple reason that they don’t understand what the cryptocurrency ecosystem is really all about. It’s more than just a novelty, an after-school gathering of friends. Crypto is about offering a solution to the problems with fiat, as well as helping evolve business operations through the myriad of qualities that only the blockchain can offer. BSV supporters understand the difference and the founding president of the Bitcoin Association, Jimmy Nguyen, has released a video presentation that explains why BSV exists and what it is able to accomplish – not just for miners or investors, but for businesses and everyone else. As Nguyen aptly states, “Bitcoin SV is open for business.”

The global public blockchain of the future is only possible with BSV. While many other crypto projects have detoured away from the original design of crypto, the well-known Satoshi’s Vision, BSV is able to restore and fulfill the Satoshi Vision using a clear and focused roadmap. This includes offering a network that is stable and massively scalable for global adoption and enterprise usage.

BSV is open for everyone. Application developers can adopt the platform and start creating, knowing that the protocol won’t be changed every few months as has been seen with other crypto projects, including BTC and Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which have completely abandoned the original model of crypto. It offers a rock solid foundation, which is the key to any sustainable development.

Big business can adopt BSV and feel confident that the blockchain is going to provide the base they need to enable their enterprise-class applications. With the ability to handle huge volumes of transactions, only BSV can provide the level of attention big business needs to move into the future.

BTC is going to cut in half the reward given to miners next year, and this will continue periodically every couple of years. In order to make up the lost economic incentive, miners need to be able to manage larger volumes, which can only be made possible through the scalability and versatility of the BSV blockchain.

BSV has already shown that it is possible – directly on the blockchain with no need to move transactions off-chain – to maintain a block size of 103MB. This year, the block size is expected to go even higher as BSV’s core developers move toward the goal of a gigabyte block, then a terabyte block and even a block of unlimited size.

It’s because of BSV flexibility and adherence to the original Bitcoin protocol that Nguyen adds in his video that BSV is “ready for you.” He invites everyone to say, “We choose Bitcoin SV” and to become part of the Satoshi Vision.

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