Kevin Kwong at CoinGeek Backstage

Memeland’s Kevin Kwong showcases Web3 utility beyond digital sphere at ComplexCon Hong Kong

ComplexCon attracts hundreds of thousands to its festivals globally every year to experience music, fashion, arts, sports, food, and lifestyle. At ComplexCon Hong Kong in March, Web3 made a splash, with nChain unveiling a ‘phygital’ wonderland with its mobile app and companies like Memeland being among the big hits with the attendees.

Memeland launched in 2022 to offer a Web3-focused venture studio that aims to bring ownership to every community in the world. A subsidiary of 9GAG, it’s behind the Memecoin token, whose market cap peaked at $750 million in March and has launched three NFT collections.

Kevin Kwong, the chief business officer at 9GAG, attended ComplexCon and joined CoinGeek Backstage reporter Claire Celdran to discuss the company’s products and how it’s merging the physical and digital worlds.

While not known for exhibiting the latest tech, ComplexCon Hong Kong welcomed Memeland, with many attendees “wanting to see what a Web3 company is doing at this type of event.”

Kwong revealed that beyond the tech, Memeland has partnered with Blvck Paris, a luxury lifestyle brand, to offer branded apparel and merchandise.

This partnership and the company’s presence at events like ComplexCon Hong Kong are essential for giving users a face behind the tech, Kwong believes. Most Web3 companies live in the digital sphere and can feel disconnected from their target audience, which Memeland is trying to change.

“When our users meet us in person launching a product line with Blvck Paris or other artists we plan to work with, they get a physical touchpoint with our product and brand, and that gives them better realisation of what we do in the web world,” he told CoinGeek Backstage.

Memeland’s physical items have digital features, including a QR code that buyers can scan to join exclusive online communities.

At ComplexCon Hong Kong, nChain debuted the event’s app, which offered a unique blend of the physical and digital worlds. Users could use their tickets on the app as digital collectibles to gain exclusive perks.

The app was deployed on the BSV blockchain, but as nChain’s Thomas Moretti told CoinGeek, its success was that the end user didn’t need to know they were using blockchain technology.

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