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Blockchain developers wanted at BSV DevCon 2024 in London

BSV DevCon 2024 is calling all blockchain developers to discover more about what a true utility blockchain can do. Whether you’ve worked on BSV before or other blockchains like Ethereum (and found those alternatives lacking), or even if your experience is from outside the blockchain world altogether, DevCon is a great chance to hear from the experts.

BSV DevCon is a one-day event happening on May 20 at ExCel London. It’s hosted by the BSV Association and runs as a side event to the London Blockchain Conference 2024, which runs from May 21-23 at the same venue. Tickets to BSV DevCon are free, and registering for a ticket will also get you access to the main conference.

Attendees can find out why BSV is the only viable solution for enterprise-grade applications and still the most practical solution for apps of any size. Its unbounded scaling capacity can process any amount of data quickly and efficiently with only miniscule transaction fees. It’s perfect for applications that aim to secure data through millions of transactions per day, all secured with blockchain records using proof-of-work (PoW).

Whether your industry is gaming, social, government/regulatory, finance/fintech, supply chain, environmental, healthcare, media/entertainment, or anything else, BSV DevCon will give you the information you’re looking for.

What to expect at BSV DevCon

There will be introductory sessions detailing how the BSV Network actually works, and others will go into depth on practical tools developers can use to build their projects. The agenda includes:

  • Fundamentals of the BSV Network
  • sCrypt tools and Python Library for smart contract developers
  • Project Babbage tools and the TS Library
  • The Gate2Chain SDK
  • nChain SDKs
  • JungleBus and Go Library (indexing and data retrieval)
  • Arc transaction APIs and other infrastructure issues with Taal
  • The HandCash Gaming Wallet

Other presentations will talk about the BSV Association’s other initiatives to support developers, like the BSV Academy‘s educational courses and the BSV Technical Standards Committee. Attendees will also have the chance to network with some of the brightest minds working at the cutting edge of blockchain development.

Speakers at the event include sCrypt’s Xiaohui Liu, Project Babbage’s Ty Everett, Gate2Chain’s Bart Olivares, James Belding of Tokenized and Angus Brown of Centbee, Rafa Jimenez from HandCash, GorillaPool’s Kurt Wuckert Jr., Ernesto Tejerina from TAAL, nChain’s Thomas Moretti, and Thomas Giacomo and Darren Kellenschwiler from the BSV

BSV DevCon 2024 has plenty of information for developers who already have years of experience building on blockchain, whatever the network. The organizers are particularly interested in speaking with Ethereum developers who are serious about building large-scale distributed applications but have become frustrated by that network’s limitations and protocol changes. BSV has tools designed to migrate Ethereum apps to BSV, making complex smart contracts useful again—and its protocol rules are “set in stone,” meaning any viable transaction today will still be viable decades from now.

The BSV network is also the best solution for token developers, whether they’re collectibles, consumer-use, or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) designed as digital twins for assets in the physical world.

Whatever your idea, no matter how advanced or theoretical it is right now, and regardless of how large or small its user base will be, BSV is the utility blockchain network to handle it. And BSV DevCon is the place to find out how to turn an idea into a real-life, working reality.

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