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nChain’s app transforms ComplexCon Hong Kong into ‘phygital’ wonderland

ComplexCon recently held its first event in Asia, creating an exciting hub for pop culture enthusiasts from around the world. The three-day extravaganza held at the AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong, showcased an intersection of pop culture, music, art, fashion, food, and technology.

One of the event’s key highlights was the cutting-edge technology integration through its partnership with nChain, a leading provider of blockchain technology, which built the event’s app. This innovative collaboration allowed attendees to experience a unique blend of the physical and digital worlds, taking them on a “phygital” journey.

ComplexCon Hong Kong was a groundbreaking event, attracting a large number of young people eager to immerse themselves in the latest trends. The event not only provided an opportunity for attendees to engage with top artists, designers, and influencers but also introduced them to the forefront of technological innovation through nChain’s Web3-powered app.

The app played a pivotal role in enhancing the event experience for attendees. Users could import their tickets into the app, turning them into digital collectibles that granted them access to exclusive perks.

“Tickets and blockchain work really well together, specifically because you can create a really unique user experience, like, for example, tickets can be used as digital collectibles that can be redeemed for something,” explained Luka Topolovec, who heads nChain’s Delivery Factory.

The app was designed to offer a seamless user experience, making the integration of blockchain technology effortless for attendees.

“We use NFTs to issue benefits. So, the NFTs have an actual utility. And for people that look at the app, they may not know right away that there is blockchain behind it. And I think that’s part of the success of it—it’s simple to use,” said Thomas Moretti, Head of Product Development at nChain.

Users could access exclusive merchandise, receive notifications about artist appearances, and alerts for drops on the app. VIP ticket holders could even claim a Verdy passport to collect stamps from various exhibitors and unlock additional benefits.

The app also provided essential information such as maps, schedules for speakers, and details about the highly anticipated three-night concert. By keeping users engaged and informed, the app significantly enhanced the overall event experience.

nChain’s use of blockchain technology and Web3 capabilities in the app allowed attendees to store their event tickets, concert tickets, and coupons digitally, with the possibility of combining them with future events or trading them.

Christine Leong, nChain’s Chief Information Officer, highlighted the potential for future experiences: “We want to enable the future of experience that maybe you attend many of our future events going forward, and you can collect many digital collectibles going forward.”

By incorporating digital collectibles and NFTs, nChain aimed to drive loyalty and engagement beyond the event.

“The coupons that you get are all digital collectibles, and, hopefully, one day, when we build up more events, that can be traded, they are just like what is known as NFTs and they are digital collectibles within the app that people might not know,” said Leong, further elaborating on nChain’s vision for the future

nChain’s innovative app has laid the foundation for the future of event experiences, merging the physical and digital worlds in unprecedented ways. As Simit Naik, Director of Commercial & Strategy at nChain, emphasized, “That was the whole point of doing this: to show that blockchain isn’t this complicated and complex technology, that it can make a difference, that it can help create better experiences for people and still be this super cool technology that sits in the background.”

By pioneering the phygital experience and seamlessly integrating blockchain technology, nChain and ComplexCon Hong Kong have set the stage for future events to continue revolutionizing the way attendees interact with and enjoy their experiences. As nChain builds more apps for upcoming events, they are paving the way for a future where blockchain technology plays a key role in enriching cultural and entertainment experiences for generations to come.

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