Meet the participants of the CambrianSV Bootcamp in Bali

Meet the participants of the CambrianSV Bootcamp in Bali

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Having established itself as the only blockchain network that supports massive on-chain scaling, low transaction fees and real-time transactions, Bitcoin SV (BSV) has become a godsend for developers. These developers have continued to build on the only Bitcoin project that follows Satoshi’s vision, churning out groundbreaking applications targeting social media, network monitoring, advertising and more.

Come August 30, developers from across the world will congregate in the island of Bali, Indonesia, for the first of its kind Proof of Work BSV Developers Bootcamp. The seven-day bootcamp, organized by the Bitcoin Association and RelayX will bring together BSV developers to work together, learn from each other and interact with some of the leading minds in the industry.

RelayX’s Ella Qiang explained just what the bootcamp is and how it will benefit the attendants.

CambrianSV focuses on the application layer of the Bitcoin SV stack, as we believe real growth comes from people building better products using Bitcoin SV as the backend. The program is set up to accelerate the product building process from proof of concept to product release. It is a seven-day boot camp solely focusing on building the next generation products for the real-time economy powered by Bitcoin SV.

The attendants will get to collaborate with some of the brightest minds on the BSV ecosystem to create the best applications. “All participating teams should leave with a finished product that is generating on-chain transactions,” Qiang tells CoinGeek.

The latest team to confirm its attendance is the R&D team from McDonalds China. This team will join dozens of other developers whose applications span plenty of industries.

They include the teams from UptimeSV, the crowdsourced uptime monitoring and network intelligence for enterprise systems; Legally Chained, an onchain identity platform that allows users to sign documents and verify their identity; Run on Bitcoin, a token creation platform on Bitcoin; and Agora, a homepage for the Metanet.

Other teams that will attend include Twetch, the BSV-powered social media app; Streamanity, a video streaming platform; BitMesh, an emailing platform; BitPocket, a platform that incentivizes its users to perform tasks on the BSV platform; RateSV, the platform that allows the flow of data between the blockchain and the real world; and TonicPow, a P2P advertising platform powered by BSV.

The organizers of the bootcamp hope that in the seven days, the developers will get to learn from each other and build applications that can make the BSV ecosystem better. Qiang explained, “We as the organizers are aiming at creating an open environment where various projects will share their experiences, goals, and challenges of developing Bitcoin enabled products and services. We are looking to encourage collaboration among projects so that each one will compete better onchain.”

The bootcamp will be graced by some leading minds including mentors from the Bitcoin Association, HandCash, RelayX and nChain. Brendan Lee from the Bitcoin Association, Jack Liu from RelayX and Alex Agut from HandCash are among those that have confirmed attendance. Bitcoin’s creators Dr. Craig S. Wright will join via video chat, as will nChain CTO Steve Shadders.

The attendants will also get to participate as speakers, Qiang revealed adding, “We believe their direct implementation experience is valuable to share with the group. For example, Yao Yu from RateSV will talk about developing Metanet enabled applications, Zheming from Mempool will talk about payment channels in mining.”

To learn more about the upcoming CambrianSV BSV Developer Bootcamp, check out the official website.

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