Agora launches Android app, a home page for the BSV blockchain

Agora launches Android app, a home page for BSV blockchain

As more developers and businesses turn to the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain, it’s becoming an ecosystem all on its own. To help organize everything and give new adopters an easy entry point to BSV, Agora, a new app on the Google Play Store, has developed an Android home page for the blockchain.

Agora’s website has been available for some time, and works for any browser, but now they’ve announced the release of their Android app. It’s still in Alpha, but it already shows how much is available on BSV and works quite well.

When it first loads, its immediately provides a homepage for BSV. There’s a search bar, and links to an intro video, Bico Media, Bitstagram, HandCash, Money Button and others.

At the bottom of the app are buttons for the Apoteka, or the app store, which lists dozens of BSV apps, block explorers, community resources, exchanges, wallets, games, and much more.

Next is the Biblioteka, a page that provides the essentials of Bitcoin, resources for developers and software documentation, so that beginners and advanced users alike have an easy resource to learn more about BSV.

Chronika – BSV is a selection of news resources about BSV, but also about world events, politics, technology and entertainment. It combines a selection of well written text journalism and YouTube videos to keep you up to date.

The Agora – Mercato is a storefront of BSV themed items, which is pretty much exclusively t-shirts at the moment, but can be expected to grow over time.

There are also links to Forum and Money Button features, but at the time of publication these did not appear to be functional.

For those who want to submit to any of the Agora pages, there is also a button at the bottom right that allows anyone to submit their own content. To do so costs a small fee.

This is a great start for any BSV newbie who wants to have any easy to use introduction to the blockchain. With a single app, they’ll have all the resources they need to learn about BSV, get a wallet, build their own apps and do some shopping. This is an exciting app to watch to see where the BSV world is going.

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