McDonalds R&D team to join upcoming CambrianSV Bootcamp in Bali

McDonalds R&D team to join upcoming CambrianSV Bootcamp in Bali

By following Satoshi Nakamoto’s original plan of keeping a stable protocol and pursuing massive on-chain scaling, Bitcoin SV (BSV) is opening up a world of unlimited possibilities—paving the way for a Cambrian explosion of creativity and innovation. So much so that multinational corporations are now sitting up and taking notice.

On August 30, RelayX, in cooperation with the Bitcoin Association, is organizing a first of its kind Proof of Work BSV Developer Bootcamp in Bali, Indonesia—and the R&D team of McDonalds China is confirmed to be participating.

The seven-day bootcamp, which prolific Bitcoin developer Unwriter has described as “a Y Combinator for Bitcoin, will take place from August 30 to September 5, bringing together a select number of participants who will be focused on building “the next generation of products for the real-time economy powered by Bitcoin SV,” according to Ella Qiang, of RelayX.

The CambrianSV bootcamp is not a conference—it’s an intensive gathering where real work is done by developers. Qiang tells us: “Developers will get a direct look into the tools available on the Bitcoin SV blockchain and collaborate with the brightest minds to create the best applications. All participating teams should leave with a finished product that is generating on-chain transactions.”

Participating in the Bali bootcamp are teams from Twetch, the interface to Bitcoin; UptimeSV, the crowdsourced uptime monitoring and network intelligence for enterprise systems; BitMesh, the first email app on BSV; video streaming platform Streamanity; Legally Chained, an on-chain verified identity and document management platform; Agora, your homepage built on Metanet; TonicPow, BSV-powered peer-to-peer advertisements; RateSV, the platform to earn Bitcoin by investing on real-time financial data; BitPocket, platform to incentivize tasks with Bitcoin; Run on Bitcoin, a token creation solution on Bitcoin; MetaDomain, a domain name trading platform on Metanet.

Joining these groups is the McDonalds China R&D team led by CIO Charles Cai, along with Mark Wilcox, a Bitcoin expert in computational markets; Glenn Wolfe and Sean Pollock from GearSV; representatives from Mempool; Rob from the Cambridge Metanet Society; Anthony Yanick; and engineer and entrepreneur Derek Moore.

Mentors from the Bitcoin Association, nChain, HandCash and RelayX will also be on hand during the seven-day bootcamp to help the participating teams build their products on BSV. Even the participants will have a chance to share their knowledge and experience with the group, according to Qiang.

“The majority of attendees of the bootcamp will also participate as speakers as we believe their direct implementation experience is valuable to share with the group. For example, Yao Yu from RateSV will talk about developing Metanet enabled applications, Zheming from Mempool will talk about payment channels in mining,” she explained. “We also have open mic time slots for people to address topics that they think are important but not directly related to their projects. We are very excited to see what’s going come out from this.”

To learn more about the upcoming CambrianSV BSV Developer Bootcamp, check out the official website.

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