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London Stock Exchange Group seeks blockchain experts as it explores emerging technologies

The London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG), the parent company of the $3.3 trillion London Stock Exchange, is on the hunt for a blockchain technology expert to lead its move into new infrastructure solutions.

In its job listing on Linkedin, the LSEG indicates that it’s seeking to hire a Director, Digital Asset Lead, in a full-time role designed to meet its objectives. Per the listing, LSEG’s ideal candidate is required to possess extensive experience in financial services and have practical knowledge of Web3 technologies.

Candidates with actionable knowledge in blockchain technology, decentralized finance (DeFi), digital currencies, and smart contracts will be given priority but key responsibilities for the role still need to be clarified as to whether or not the LSEG will be going all-in on digital asset services.

“We are seeking an experienced Director, Digital Asset Lead with deep Financial Services experience to focus on go to market and commercialization of digital solutions for Private Markets, including Private Funds, Private Equity, and Private Debt,” read the listing.

The LSEG’s successful candidate will lead the company’s effort to roll out novel infrastructure solutions in partnership with leading industry stakeholders. Apart from developing solutions revolving around blockchain, the role will require the Digital Asset Lead to “build and maintain” relationships with executives in private equity firms.

Other roles include:

  • The development of a “robust” client pipeline.
  • Collaborating on the development of a private market’s roadmap.
  • Designing a strategy for the adoption of the roadmap.

The hiring push came after the LSEG disclosed plans revolving around developing a blockchain technology-powered digital markets platform to improve the equities market and streamline the trading of traditional assets.

“The ultimate goal is a global platform that allows participants in all jurisdictions to be able to interact with people in other jurisdictions completely abiding by rules, laws and regulations, potentially multiple jurisdictions simultaneously, which is something that hasn’t been possible in an analogue world,” said LSEG’s head of markets Murray Roos.

Wary of digital assets but embracing blockchain technology

Despite confirming plans for a blockchain technology-backed platform, the LSEG disclosed that it would not support digital assets given the regulatory haziness associated with the asset class.

The U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has upped its efforts at cracking down on virtual asset service providers (VASPs) in default of its extant regulations. Firms have been given until 2024 to align their digital currency marketing promotions with the FCA standard or face heightened enforcement action.

“Crypto firms must market to UK consumers, fairly and honestly,” said Lucy Castledine, FCA consumer investments director. “And they must provide risk warnings people understand.”

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