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Unbounded Capital’s first Investor Summit set for September 8

Unbounded Capital will hold its first investor summit at Dream Downtown in New York City on September 8.

The summit will kick off at 9 a.m. EST and will feature a full day of talks and fireside chats from Unbounded’s limited partners, prominent venture capital and hedge fund managers, fintech and blockchain entrepreneurs, as well as institutional and family office investors.

The summit is by invitation only, and anyone who wishes to participate may request an invitation on the Unbound Capital website.

What’s the purpose of Unbounded Capital’s NYC Investor Summit?

The summit aims to drive awareness about the widely unknown essentials related to blockchain technology and investing in businesses that rely on it. Furthermore, it seeks to declutter the discourse about blockchain for enterprises and give entrepreneurs in the ecosystem a chance to showcase their products and talk about their progress.

While too many summits focus on the surface level, almost exclusively talking about digital currencies, the Unbounded NYC Investor Summit will delve deeper, focusing on the history and the current market. Attendees will hear from some of the BSV ecosystem’s leading figures, including Kurt Wuckert Jr, Alex Agut, Joe De Pinto, Adam Kling, Jimmy Nguyen, John Pitts, and many others.

Apart from the insightful speeches from those best placed to know what’s happening inside BSV, the summit will provide an opportunity for participants to mingle, connect, and share knowledge and insights with others in the ecosystem.

Who will be speaking? What’s the agenda?

Zach Resnick, Managing Partner of Unbounded Capital, will deliver his opening remarks, followed by lectures and speeches from prominent individuals in the industry, including Kurt Wucket Jr., who will give the keynote speech on “The History of Blockchain and the Current Landscape.”

Dave Mullen-Muhr will also be present at the event to give a speech on “What is and isn’t the Blockchain Investment Opportunity?”

There will also be a panel on “The Venture Capital Perspective on Investing in Blockchain,” moderated by Resnick and featuring Jasmine Jia, James Merchant, Mike Hennessey, and Ray Sharma.

Other panels will include one on gaming with Jackson Laskey, Tyler Farnsworth, Adam Kling, and Brenton Gunning, as well as one on micropayments featuring Isaac Morehouse, Alex Agut, Marshall Greenwald, Joe De Pinto, and Alexey Mashchenkov.

The summit will also provide a handful of presentations and demos, including “Run” by Brenton Gunning, “Nfty Jigs” by Jackson Laskey, “Handcash” by Alex Agut, “DXS” by Alexey Mashchenkov, “Haste” by Joe De Pinto, and “Tokenized” by James Belding.

Additionally, Resnick will have several fireside chats, including one with Kirsty Barany of Clear Sparrow and John Pitts from SLictionary.

Other conversations include “The Family Office Perspective on Investing in Crypto and Blockchain” with Samira Salman and Brett De Jong and a “2023 and 2033 Market and Industry Outlook” with Mike Hennessey, Zach Resnick, and Jimmy Nguyen.

The summit will be wrapped up with a cocktail hour and a chance for the attendees to mingle, network, and connect.

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