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Kurt’s personal blog: London Blockchain Conference from my perspective

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The London Blockchain Conference, as the successor to the Global Blockchain Convention and the CoinGeek Conference series, inherits its reputation as a vibrant gathering, a bustling hive of intellect, innovation, and spirited debate. This year was no different. In that regard, the rebranding helped set a fresh foundation designed to take another step away from the era of the Bitcoin Civil War, and there was a palpable shift in the atmosphere. The absence of Jimmy Nguyen, a familiar face at the helm of every BSV blockchain conference since its inception, was felt in the corners and corridors of the venue. Nguyen’s magnetic speeches, infused with enthusiasm about the power of Bitcoin and data, have become the metronome setting the rhythm of the first BSV blockchain era. This year, his absence and some tonal shift away from “Bitcoin SV” to “BSV Blockchain” resulted in an intriguing alteration in the tone and pace of the conference.

This was not a deficit, but rather an evolution. An opportunity for a new cohort of leaders to rise to the occasion, filling the conference halls with their own insights and perspectives. The event did not falter in its professionalism; instead, it thrived, diversifying its voices and broadening its horizons. It was a testament to the robust and resilient community that BSV blockchain has fostered, the kind that can adapt and flourish, even in the absence of stalwarts like Nguyen.

CoinGeek TV

My own involvement in the conference was multifaceted. Along with Becky Liggero and Jon Southurst, I had the privilege of hosting CGTV for CoinGeek: the conference’s dedicated channel for interviews and recaps. One of my most memorable conversations was with Ben McKenzie, known for his roles in ‘The OC’ and ‘Gotham.’

His insights into the predatory ‘crypto’ economy were compelling, backed by thorough research and a palpable concern for consumer rights. His eloquence served as a testament to the importance of involving individuals outside the traditional ‘crypto’ community in these discussions, adding a fresh perspective to our discourse. What stood out most was his genuine authenticity compared to what I’ve typically experienced with celebrity commentary on issues.

Another fascinating interview was with Peter Schiff, a renowned advocate for sound money and a firm believer in the value of gold. Our discussion revolved around the potential of a gold-backed blockchain token, an idea that seemed to pique Schiff’s interest.

He is yet to be convinced about BSV blockchain’s solution, but the seeds of curiosity have been sown, and his evolution shows that the relationship he and I have fostered over the last few months has led to some due diligence on his behalf.


Hosting a panel on BSV blockchain token protocols was a truly invigorating experience. Representatives from Tokenized, Elas Digital, Stas, and 1Sat Ordinals joined me in a lively discussion. We delved into the nitty-gritty of scalability and user experience, and navigated a range of topics from NFTs to the potential of trading global financial assets and real property on the blockchain. The breadth and depth of the conversation underscored the versatility of blockchain and its potential to disrupt a myriad of industries.

In another panel, we explored the trade-offs between layer 1 and layer 2 blockchain scalability. The conclusion was intriguing: the differences between the two approaches are less about technology and more about philosophy and economics. There was no resolution to the debate, but we succeeded in framing the differences between multi-chain economics, Lightning Network, and L1 scaling, as exemplified by BSV blockchain.

My goal with the panels was to engage the audience deliberately, share some humor, and educate on fundamentals while also engaging with the panelists—all of which I am honored to say I have some experience working with directly as colleagues and a few of them I even consider close friends.

Solo presentation

One thing I have had on my mind for years has been the necessity of a Blockchain 101 presentation. In previous years, the focus has been on announcements and businesses, but I have always thought it would be wise to start more foundationally. There are almost no actual blockchain “experts.” The ones whose names we know are typically just influencers peddling a zeitgeist or (even worse) an investment thesis backed by little logic and bad fundamentals.

In contrast, my goal has been consistently to explain how the network and systems were designed to work, the philosophy about why they were designed in the first place, and then let the observer come to their conclusions. I think I accomplished my goals.

I was super excited to have my wife and kids come to see the presentation in person as well. They came to my stage early and were so excited to see me walk out and speak. When I walked out, I could see my son’s face light up because he couldn’t believe I was the star of the very nicely designed and executed stage.

GorillaPool booth

In addition to spending time on every stage that the conference offered, GorillaPool also had a booth where we engaged with existing clients, prospected for new allies, and explained the opportunity to mine BSV.

GorillaPool Booth with Kevin

One of our great apes, Kevin, manned the booth masterfully and has set the stage nicely for our next season of growth!


But conferences are more than just formal events and scheduled talks. They are a melting pot of ideas, an opportunity to cultivate relationships and forge new ones. This was where the actual value of the conference lay for me. The impromptu discussions during lunch, the post-event dinners, and the conversations that lasted late into the night—these were the moments of genuine connection that remain etched in my memory. Catching up with old friends from CoinGeek, Lightning Sharks, and other BSV businesses was a joy.

Post conference event gatherings

There was also time to enjoy London in all its charm. There was something uniquely satisfying about indulging in traditional fish and chips in a quaint London pub or sipping on a cask-pumped English ale. One particular evening, I had the unexpected delight of bumping into the band ‘The Offspring,’ who were celebrating a successful concert from the previous night.

Kurt Wuckert Jr. at a concert


In retrospect, the conference was a microcosm of what the BSV blockchain represents: diversity, dynamism, and the pursuit of a shared vision. It was not just about a single blockchain or technology, but rather about a movement. A movement that transcends borders and sectors, bringing together a diverse array of individuals united by a common belief in the transformative power of scalable, reliable, and secure blockchain. I finished CGTV with our now famous champagne pops after a rousing discussion about the freedom that only Bitcoin can bring us with the enigmatic Dr. Craig Wright and my friends Luke Rohenaz and Siggi Oskarson, and we wrapped right up.

The conference served as a reminder that Bitcoin is not just an abstract concept or a fleeting trend, but a technology with the potential to revolutionize industries and empower individuals. It is a force gaining momentum, shaping the future of finance and business. The London Blockchain Conference was more than a professional event; it was an affirmation of the resilience of the BSV community, a testament to the power of collaboration, and a glimpse into the future of blockchain technology. It was a tangible demonstration of the maturation of the BSV ecosystem, its ability to evolve, and its capacity to withstand challenges and disruptions.

Kurt Wuckert Jr. on stage

Ultimately, the conference embodied the spirit of BSV blockchain: an ethos of innovation, a commitment to transparency, and a relentless pursuit of progress. The collective wisdom of the participants, the inspiring conversations, and the shared sense of purpose was powerful affirmation of the potential of BSV and the blockchain technology it espouses.

In the absence of Jimmy Nguyen, a new generation of BSV blockchain enthusiasts stepped up, bringing with them a fresh wave of ideas, energy, and ambition. They proved that the BSV blockchain community is not reliant on a single individual, but rather is a vibrant, dynamic ecosystem teeming with talent and passion.

The BSV community, much like the technology it champions, is not static. It is ever-evolving, ever-adapting, and ever-growing. And as I left the conference, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of excitement and anticipation for what the future holds for BSV blockchain. After all, if there’s one thing the event has taught me, it’s that the BSV community, just like the new London Blockchain Conference series, is just getting started.

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