Joshua Henslee: Once people learn the power of micropayments, the rest will follow suit

Joshua Henslee celebrates 2k YouTube subscribers, sheds light on the power of BSV and dev tools

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BSV thought leader and developer Joshua Henslee released an “Ask me Anything” (AMA) video to celebrate the milestone of reaching 2,000 YouTube subscribers. Henslee has been publishing lots of great content recently, so the success is well deserved. We’ve summarized the questions and answers below, but you can watch the AMA too.

Do you accept proposals for BSV app requests? 

Henslee replies that he doesn’t want to bog himself down with random requests, and while he is available for consulting, he doesn’t do app requests. For now, he wants to work by himself and fully focus on his goals as a developer.

Why aren’t there any fiat onramps on any major BSV wallets in specific U.S. states like Georgia, Alabama, etc.?

Henslee empathizes with the sentiment and agrees it is a problem that needs to be fixed. He believes that, in the end, HandCash will be the solution and reminds us that it already offers onramps in various locations.

Henslee believes that one of the reasons onramps don’t exist in a widespread way yet is the difficulty of dealing with regulations. He says that many businesses don’t want customer information and would prefer not to know because holding that data is a honeypot for hackers.

Why don’t we have proper offramps? This would allow the true sending of cash worldwide for low fees without the need for exchanges.

Henslee reiterates that this is needed, and HandCash will be the wallet that offers it first. He says that Coinbase (NASDAQ: COIN) used to have features like this, but it sadly now focuses on trading worthless tokens.

Despite all of this, the BSV token price is going up, which will grab attention, creating a self-fulfilling feedback loop once the demand begins.

How would you compare BSV development time to non-blockchain development time using a small project as an example?

Henslee says he has personally witnessed people with no coding experience or schooling build apps on BSV. He says that most people don’t know about these people because they’re not loud and they’re just focused on being productive.

Despite less-than-stellar tooling, Henslee feels it is fast and gives the example of Jamify being built in a weekend. “You can go fast and quick,” Henslee says, noting that the biggest obstacle is that most people don’t believe they can program.

What can the average person do to promote BSV and educate people about its power and possibilities?

Henslee believes that getting people to download HandCash and helping them get started interacting with apps is the best way. He mentions Haste ArcadeDuro Dogs, and his own Windbell as apps with which people can have fun.

What are the key instigators to help drive BSV adoption?

Henslee says it is all about grassroots stuff. He notes that most people are tired of the digital currency narratives, such as that BTC is a hedge against inflation. People are waking up and are tired of the lies.

He again states that he believes getting people in and using Bitcoin is the key, not talking about price. He says that once people learn the power of micropayments, the rest will follow suit.

What is the number one tool that is missing from the BSV ecosystem?

This question comes from Kurt Wuckert Jr. from CoinGeek and GorillaPool. For Henslee, the answer is a tool that allows apps to pull the transactions they care about without downloading terabytes of data. He finds the idea that apps should run a full node to be silly. While he doesn’t mention it in his video, LiteClient may be a step in the right direction. It’s part of a rollout that will see Bitcoin use SPV to scale to global dimensions.

What would you change about the culture if you had a magic wand?

Henslee would like to bring back the work that Unwriter, Ryan X. Charles, and others did to move the BSV ecosystem forward.

He notes that the BSV culture has become increasingly toxic (probably due to the token price drop) and that there’s a lot more of a speculative mentality these days with people flipping NFTs and tokens. He’d like to see a return to “proof of work” and building real tools and apps.

Do you expect coins like Link, Axle Infinity, Solana, and others to go to zero, or will they cut a deal to survive on BSV?

Henslee notes that he isn’t familiar with all the projects but that those with utility should survive. He doesn’t think they need to cut a deal with Dr. Wright to exist on BSV unless they violate his patents. While it’s hard to say what will happen in the short term, he believes that many of them will go to zero in the long run.

Would Henslee like to monetize his content on my2cents or another BSV app?

Henslee says that he would love to monetize his content with BSV micropayments. He is unaware of the video feature of my2cents and will check it out. One problem he foresees is that there are so few BSV users right now that YouTube gives him greater reach. However, that comes with downsides, like YouTube being able to determine who sees his content.

What will Bitcoin look like in three years?

Henslee says that eventually, there will be a BSV wallet that’s something like Ethereum’s Metamask, one app that’s ubiquitous to the ecosystem. He believes HandCash is best poised to be the one. This will require users to be able to buy, sell, trade, and use apps without going out of the app. 

He also says that we need fewer token protocols as companies will be reluctant to develop on them if they’re not sure they’ll be around in years to come. He believes that a single token protocol will cause a Cambrian explosion of development on Bitcoin SV.

What’s the best material to explain the power of Bitcoin and micropayments to beginners?

Henslee doesn’t recommend a specific video or book. Instead, he recommends getting them set up in the Haste Arcade. He believes it is conceptually easier to understand playing arcade games than watching a technical video or reading a book explaining micropayments. Haste demonstrates instant transactions and low fees. Showing, not telling, gets so much more across.

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