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LiteClient Toolbox will make BSV easy and useful for everyone: Jad Wahab on CoinGeek TV

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Bitcoin SV has become easier to use and deploy applications on over the past few years. One of the people on the frontline in making BSV usable by the masses is Jad Wahab, the director of engineering at the BSV Blockchain Association. He joined CoinGeek TV in Dubai to talk about his latest project, the LiteClient, and how it will make BSV the enterprise blockchain it was designed to be.

Wahab joined Kurt Wuckert Jr. for CoinGeek TV on the sidelines of the BSV Global Blockchain Convention (GBC) in Dubai. At the event, he gave a presentation on scaling Bitcoin and announced that the Association had released the LiteClient Toolbox. This will allow wallets, payment channels, and token platforms to communicate directly with each other and make BSV much easier to use, especially for the non-technical audience.

As he told CoinGeek TV, he has been leading a team at the BSV Blockchain Association that has been charged with a very critical task—making Bitcoin SV usable by the masses.

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“If you want to have a scalable blockchain for global adoption, you need to do a lot of the stuff that we’re doing. There’s no way around it,” he stated. 

While the LiteClient is a new addition to the BSV network (and will play a key role in BSV listings on exchanges), Wahab noted that the BSV protocol is still as stable as it was when Satoshi designed it. 

“The nice thing about BSV is that it’s set in stone. It’s a stable protocol. Everything we’re doing right now is getting stacked on top,” he said.

As he touched on in his presentation at the convention, the widely held notion that everyone has to be a validator for the system to be secure is a misconception. Satoshi himself wrote in section 8 of the white paper that “it’s possible to verify payments without running a full network node.”

“All you need is SPV and the chain of block headers. You don’t really need to validate everything yourself to have assurances that nothing is going wrong,” Wahab explained.

Spreading the blockchain gospel 

Wahab joined the BSV Blockchain Association in March this year to head the engineering activities, having served with enterprise blockchain firm nChain for over three years. Since then, he has been involved in the BSV Blockchain Association’s efforts to take blockchain to the world. As he shared, this has involved interacting with government officials and convincing them there’s more to blockchain than meme coins and speculation.

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One instance was in Pakistan, where the government was on the verge of banning the entire industry. But after talking with Wahab and the rest of the BSV Blockchain Association, officials learned that the country can greatly benefit from blockchain tech and has since then embraced it. 

Wahab compared blockchain today to the early days of the Internet, “where just because you didn’t like porn didn’t mean you should ban the entire Internet. It’s the same thing, just because you don’t like some crypto applications, you can’t just ban the blockchain as you’ll end up falling behind.”

The BSV Global Blockchain Convention, held in Dubai for the first time, was quite special for most people and the region. Wahab, who grew up in the Middle East in Lebanon, has seen Dubai blossom into the futuristic tech city it is today, and as he told Wuckert, the growth was mapped out and not by accident.

“They [Dubai] are always pushing things, with like Burj Khalifa which is the tallest building. They have indoor ski slopes in one of the malls, so they always want to be at the forefront with the latest tech, and obviously, now it’s blockchain they want to have an involvement with. It’s pretty natural what’s going on now,” he said.

The Dubai convention was the largest in the CoinGeek Conference series so far. As Wahab noted, he had met several people who had come from the region who are interested in learning how blockchain can solve their various specific challenges

“They are really interested and they get it. It’s a much easier sell in this part of the world,” he ended.

Watch: The BSV Global Blockchain Convention presentation, LiteClient: Scaling Blockchain with Simplified Payment Verification

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