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CoinGeek TV: Alex Agut talks becoming the Ford of ‘crypto’ and taking Bitcoin to the masses

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HandCash has been widely described as the best Bitcoin wallet in the market, and a lot of it is down to the leadership of its CEO and co-founder, Alex Agut. In an interview with CoinGeek TV, Agut talked about why he wants HandCash to become the Ford of the digital currency industry and some of the new features on the wallet.

Agut spoke to Kurt Wuckert Jr. on the sidelines of the BSV Global Blockchain Convention in Dubai. In a panel discussion on micropayment on BSV, Agut announced that HandCash is integrating some of the popular digital currencies and stablecoins on its app, allowing users to make and receive payments in USDC, DOGE, and more while using BSV infrastructure.

Agut revealed that developers have always loved the HandCash tools, but some have been hesitant to make the complete switch from their preferred stablecoins or digital assets. The solution—create a fungible token platform that gives them the BSV experience while incorporating their tokens.

The implications are massive. For one, it will attract developers from other token projects who are attracted to BSV’s low fees and instant transactions but are too tied up in those projects to abandon them and move over to BSV.

In addition, the new feature opens up BSV applications to the rest of the digital asset space. For instance, a DOGE holder can jump on Haste and play the game while making and receiving payments in DOGE, yet enjoying the unbounded scaling of BSV.

In addition to having the best wallet in the market, HandCash also caters to developers with its HandCash Connect SDK, which allows them to deploy applications on BSV easily. As Agut noted, the SDK was targeting low-level developers who have no prior experience with blockchain.

Alex Agut on CG TV

“The same way that we built the wallet for the rest of us, we’re building this [the SDK] for the rest of developers. If you know how to code and you understand plain English, it’s very easy to get started,” he said.

While it was the ability to integrate other digital assets that grabbed the headlines, Agut believes that his further announcement was even more important. On stage, he revealed the “zero-to-crypto in five seconds,” under which HandCash is now streamlining the onboarding process for any app with one click. The wallet is also working to integrate not just the global payment systems like Visa and PayPal but also the regional systems which cater to specific regions.

‘The Ford of crypto’

The token explosion started taking off about two or three years ago in the Bitcoin world, and while many platforms and wallets delved into tokens quickly, HandCash took its time. This attracted criticism from some in the community who felt that the wallet was falling behind and denying its users some critical features.

“We could have pulled off the token thing in a few weeks if we wanted to,” Agut told Wuckert. However, HandCash chose to wait and weigh the real substance behind the technology before offering it to its users.

Agut is inspired by Henry Ford, the father of the automobile industry and the man who pioneered the mass production of cars. A century ago, automobile makers “were creating companies and raising capital, just like the ICOs we had, but with no intention of delivering the cars.”

Alex Agut and Kurt Wuckert Jr. on CG TV

In the end, most of these companies crashed to the ground, and only those that focused on providing real goods like Henry Ford’s were able to last. 

“We wanted to be that company in crypto, like the Ford of crypto that brings it to the masses in a way that makes sense,” he noted.

HandCash has been using several token protocols to cater to the different needs of the developers. These include RUN, which Agut says is very attractive because of its low-level implementation and network effect. It has also been looking into and integrating STAS and Sensible, as well as “another protocol that is going open source pretty soon, but I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this.”

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