Guy uploads video on Bitcoin SV blockchain

South Park video uploaded on Bitcoin SV blockchain

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A video of South Park character Eric Cartman cursing friend Kyle Broflovski became the first-ever video viewable on the Bitcoin SV blockchain.

The video was uploaded by a certain Ken Sato, who announced the achievement on Twitter. Sato used the OP_RETURN function for encoding the video data, and with prolific developer Unwriter’s Datapay, said to be “the simplest library for building and broadcasting data transactions to the Bitcoin SV blockchain.”

Prior to this, Sato, who said he only had some html knowledge, had uploaded a jpeg file, and then a voice file. And although the video is only one second long, it’s enough, according to Sato, to show what is possible on BSV.

“This is a really amazing development. This technology is going to allow us to have serverless websites. All the data is going to be stored on to the blockchain, and people just get the data from there,” he said in a video posted on YouTube, in which he stressed that one did not have to be a protocol developer to make use of BSV in such a way.

Sato said BSV was being used as a server thanks to Unwriter’s creations. “You can do anything on Bitcoin SV as a server… Everything you can do on a website, you can do [on BSV],” Sato said.

It was possible, he added, for users to access the data without even realizing they were using BSV. “We don’t need to make everybody have Bitcoin SV to use SV. We just need a real service, and people can use it, and if you build a service for many people, or if you made a service which everybody wants to use, that’s the way BSV is going to grow,” he said.

His little experiment has convinced him that BSV “is going to dominate the space.” For Sato, blockchain has largely remained limited with regards to “real services,” but this is set to change.

Among other developments by Unwriter are Alice in BitcoinLand, “a serverless website stored in a single Bitcoin SV transaction,” Eliza, as an answer to virtual assistants Siri and Alexa, Genesis, serving as a database for transactions, and Bitchat, referred to as “a massively multiplayer global realtime chat over Bitcoin.”

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