bComm Association re-brands to Bitcoin Association

bComm Association re-brands to Bitcoin Association

Introducing Bitcoin Association, the new name of the former bComm Association, the leading industry group for Bitcoin business. The organization brings together merchants, exchanges, application developers, enterprises, miners and others in the Bitcoin ecosystem. The Bitcoin Association supports Bitcoin SV (BSV) as rebirth of the original Bitcoin.BSV has a stable protocol and scaling roadmap to become the world’s new money and global public blockchain for enterprise. 

The association’s Founding President, Jimmy Nguyen from nChain, explains the new identity:

“Everyone knows Bitcoin for its vision to become the world’s peer-to-peer electronic cash, but it will become far more. Now that BSV has rebirthed the original Satoshi Vision, there is a scaling plan and technical roadmap for Bitcoin to become the world’s data ledger and data network. The BSV blockchain will subsume the Internet and act as plumbing for the entire information world. Our organization seeks to advance all business uses of this powerful blockchain, not just payments and e-commerce with Bitcoin. The name Bitcoin Association better captures this broader mission.”

Along with the new name, the association has unveiled a new logo and brand identity. 

bComm Association re-brands to Bitcoin Association

Its website has moved to the domain bitcoinassociation.net. The group’s social media accounts have been updated:

 Twitter handle has changed to @BitcoinAssn
 Facebook page is updated to https://www.facebook.com/BitcoinAssn/
 YouTube channel is updated to https://www.youtube.com/c/BitcoinAssociation

The Bitcoin Association has an ambitious agenda to help BSV grow, which includes:

 sponsoring events, education and networking for Bitcoin businesses
 providing resources for Bitcoin SV meetups and global BSV ambassadors
 publishing a BSV Weekly post and The Bitcoin Vision video series, to report on the rapid developments in the BSV ecosystem
 supporting BSV infrastructure projects – such as the ElectrumSV wallet, a workshop for BSV wallet operators, the BSV Scaling Test Network, and stress tests of the BSV mainnet
 providing input to worldwide government bodies for policies that encourage responsible usage and growth of Bitcoin
 Development of best practice and quality frameworks to enable a simple path to regulatory compliance for large enterprises

Nguyen remarks on BSV’s future:

“For too long, Bitcoin’s journey was restricted and diverted by developer groups who veered away from the Satoshi Vision. 10 years after the blockchain began, BSV restores Bitcoin to its rightful path. We encourage businesses of the world to join us and help unlock the true power of Bitcoin.“

Companies interested in becoming a member can register online. There is currently no charge for membership. For more information, contact us here: https://bitcoinassociation.net/contact/

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