Jerry Chan on CoinGeek Backstage

Jerry Chan talks making blockchain programming fun and competitive with Frobots on CoinGeek Backstage

Blockchain technology is changing the world, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Jerry Chan is bringing the fun back to the sector with Frobots, and in an interview with CoinGeek Backstage, he talked about non-fungible tokens (NFTs), distributed computation, and more.

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At the London Blockchain Conference, Chan delivered a presentation on how Frobots is making educational gaming an e-sport with NFTs and Web3.

He described the event as “much more exciting” as the focus was purely on blockchain, not the side shows or ‘crypto.’

“Everyone here is here because they are interested in the technology,” he told CoinGeek Backstage reporter Becky Liggero.

Frobots is the culmination of Chan’s work on distributed computation and “applying it to a good course,” he stated.

“I’m very passionate about getting next-generation computer programmers and software engineers, and Frobots makes coding fun, where people compete to see who can write the best code and basically have the Frobots fight against each other.”

Chan has been working with Asset Layer on the game, and as he tells CoinGeek Backstage, the platform is critical for anybody who’s leveraging NFTs.

Asset Layer solves developers’ NFT concerns, such as how to control the usage of the NFTs outside their game, storage on different wallets, permissions control, and more. The platform allows users to own and transfer their NFTs from one ecosystem to another seamlessly, “letting them interact with an economy that’s not just within the bounds of the battle arena.”

Asset Layer takes care of all the NFT aspects, allowing the developer to focus on building the game, Jerry said.

“With Asset Layer, we will eventually get to the state of Ready Player One, where everybody’s assets are in the OASIS, and they can use them in golf, racing, first-person shooter, or any other game. For that to happen, we need Asset Layer.”

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