The word “wallet” takes a different meaning within the context of cryptocurrency. Unlike the traditional physical wallet, a Bitcoin wallet is an app that connects with Bitcoin SV (BSV) to manage, send, and receive transactions. But how does a Bitcoin wallet work?

A Bitcoin wallet is really just a user interface for your public and private keys. A public key can be thought of as a public address and a private key can be thought of as a secret password.

To create these public and private keys, the BSV blockchain generates alphanumeric identifiers that correspond to your set of keys.
Your public address is used when you receive and send Bitcoin to other public addresses, and your private key is used to sign off on those outbound transactions.

Another aspect unique to BSV is the Paymail protocol, which allows you to hide public addresses behind an easy-to-remember ‘email address’, which is capable of receiving payments just like a public address. Not all wallets support sending bitcoins to paymail addresses, but the ones that do are indicated below. The wallets that support the protocol normally can issue you a new paymail address if you do not have one already under their own domain. (, or etc…)

Whether you are a Bitcoin beginner or a pro who wants to polish your basics, you should know that a Bitcoin wallet is crucial in keeping private keys and access to your crypto investments safe. If you are interested in the crypto and blockchain ecosystem, read on to learn more about Bitcoin wallets.

Infographic 14 walltes you need to use bitcoin

14 Wallets You Need to Use Bitcoin

If you’re new to the Bitcoin industry and want a piece of the action, choosing the best crypto wallet would be one of your first steps. This guide takes a look at some of the best Bitcoin wallets available that let you transact and earn your favorite cryptocurrency.

  1. Handcash

Available on mobile through the App Store or Google Play

Bitcoin SV’s leading wallet provider, Handcash, pioneered solutions to make Bitcoin user-friendly, even for first-timers. It made receiving and sending Bitcoin simpler by using human-readable usernames instead of long strings of hexadecimal characters of QR codes.

Dubbed as the payments system of the Metaverse, Handcash allows you to connect to various use-and-earn or play-to-earn games and apps. You can directly top up your wallet using a credit or debit card in less than a minute.

Handcash eliminated the complexity associated with crypto platforms by eliminating private keys, high fees, and long wait times.

Offers paymail for its users under the domain.

  1. Money Button

Available on desktop

Being a non-custodial wallet, Money Button gives you complete control of your personal information and allows you to transact within the BSV system and safely store your digital assets.

It offers an uncomplicated peer-to-peer payment system that makes sending and receiving Bitcoin as easy as entering a wallet address and pushing a button. You can trace all your transactions through the blockchain’s immutable timestamping features.

You can fund your wallet with a credit/debit card via Coinify and then use your Bitcoin to transact within a wide array of apps. Other features include currency conversion and cryptographic data management.

Offers paymail for its users under the domain.

  1. Centbee

Available on mobile through the App Store or Google Play

With Centbee, you can use your Bitcoin to make purchases from several brands worldwide such as Uber and PlayStation.

On Centbee you can easily load your wallet with Bitcoin SV using your credit or debit card. You can even send BSV to anyone who is not a Centbee wallet user by simply scanning the recipient’s BSV QR code.

Centbee also supports paymail and you can get a free address.

  1. RelayX

Available on desktop and mobile through the App Store or Google Play

Turn your local currency into an international one with the RelayX wallet. RelayX makes sending and receiving payments anywhere in the world a seamless experience. You can create a memorable wallet address (username) where you can manage your BSV and tokens without complications. It comes with innovative solutions for Bitcoin SV users, such as amazingly low-cost NFT minting and a peer-to-peer NFT exchange. RelayX offers Paymail accounts under domain

  1. Edge

Available on mobile through the App Store or Google Play

Manage multiple digital assets in one place with Edge. With only your username and password in hand, you can safely buy, exchange, and spend cryptocurrency. Your privacy is the core of their service. It does not need any of your private information. It’s already encrypted on your device before any of your data reaches their servers. Your assets are safe and won’t expose malware or server-side hacks.

  1. ElectrumSV

Available on desktop

ElectrumSV takes pride in being one of the few wallets that allow multi-signature payments. Several people can manage Bitcoin by signing off together on any activity. On Electrum you can receive and pay invoices from Centi and Anypay. Payments are as easy as scanning a QR code or copying a payment URL. The keys you use to manage your BSV are password protected and encrypted.

  1. Exodus

Available on desktop and mobile through the App Store and Google Play

Exodus, a multi-asset software wallet, allows you to receive, send, and exchange Bitcoin SV and 155 other cryptocurrencies. It ensures utmost privacy through the non-custodial functionality encrypted on users’ devices.

It comes with built-in exchange and has a feature where you can restore your wallet due to damage or theft. A 12-word passphrase or email restoration are available backup facilities to ensure you can have your wallet back in no time.

  1. Coinomi

Available on desktop and mobile through the App Store or Google Play

This security-first, non-custodial wallet offers actual ownership and native support for thousands of tokens and 125 blockchains.

This Seg-Wit enabled wallet is highly secured and trusted by digital asset investors. It offers over a hundred fiat currency representations in 25 languages. The built-in exchanges allow instant transactions on all supported assets within the app.

  1. Zumo

Available on mobile through the App Store or Google Play

Zumo, a non-custodial wallet, provides all transactions with robust security, transparency, and traceability. It also takes pride in its low fees—just 0.5% exchange fee for currency swaps. Loading, receiving, and sending funds are free.

You can use the wallet to buy BSV and Ethereum (ETH) and fund it with fiat by connecting it with your UK bank account. Converting crypto to fiat is fast and straightforward, and you can withdraw your funds right away.

  1. Atomic Wallet

Available on desktop

Atomic wallet creates a user-friendly environment for everyone; you can download the PC application on your desktop, where your keys and other data are encrypted on your device.

Atomic Wallet allows many interactions within the BSV ecosystem and other blockchains. With an international decentralized order book, you can perform peer-to-peer coin trading or add custom ERC20 ETH tokens. Good for people who use BSV and ETH as their primary tokens..

  1. DotWallet

Available on mobile through the App Store or Google Play

Manage your digital assets safely and efficiently using DotWallet’s lightweight features. This widely-used BSV wallet helps users store, send, or receive digital assets with its one-stop solution.

Its BSV tokenized protocol supports BTC and ETH. Other functions of this wallet include applications for developers such as Autopay, Badge, and Touchstone. DotWallet allows teams to build and control their assets on the BSV chain with ease.

  1. Twetch

Available on Google Chrome and FireFox

Twetch is a revolutionary social platform that allows you to store and monetize your shared content. It uses Bitcoin SV to reward interesting interactions, images, or posts. When you create a Twetch account, you’ll have a BSV wallet that you can use to transfer BSV instantly and cheaply. Keep in mind that to do things around Twetch like use their NFT platform, then you must have a Twetch wallet.

  1. Simply Cash

Available on mobile through the App Store or Google Play

Simply Cash is a user-friendly wallet that supports BSV. It’s perfect for anyone who’s still testing the waters of the crypto ecosystem. It allows users to sign in even when they’re offline, turning your mobile phone into a cold wallet. On SimplyCash, you can easily set up a single-use website to send Bitcoin to one person or you can create several gift cards that you can share with many people. Can also use a Simply Cash wallet for offline signing as a ‘air-gapped’ wallet.

  1. Volt

Available on mobile through the App Store or Google Play

Volt wallet is engineered to be a vault as opposed to other wallets in this list. With the use of tThreshold signatures, users can create complete accounts that mimic Trust Funds, where different actors need to sign before funds are released. It also allows for the creation of succession management through smart contract technology so that funds can be automatically transferred upon the owner’s passing

It’s Time to Get Your Wallet

These Bitcoin wallets may have unique features, but all of them offer the best experience when buying, selling, or managing your Bitcoin SV. Cryptocurrency is the future of personal finance and business, so these wallets create an ecosystem that anyone can use.

Whatever wallet you choose, remember to always perform a backup. It can be a terrible experience to lose your digital assets to a simple phone upgrade, a forgotten password, or a hardware crash. Backing up is relatively straightforward and quick and it should be done consistently.

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