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IoT Forum’s Srdjan Krco talks transforming the food supply chain with blockchain and IoT

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Since the COVID-19 pandemic struck in 2020, the world has recognized just how critical efficient supply chains are, and a lot of effort and resources are going into this industry. Srdjan Krco is one of those charged with improving food supply chains across Europe, and as the IoT Forum veteran told CoinGeek Backstage, blockchain could transform supply chains globally by introducing the long-needed data verifiability and immutability.

Srdjan is the founder of DunavNET, a Dublin-based tech company offering turnkey IoT and AI solutions. He’s also a board member and vice president at the IoT Forum, an international body that fosters the growth of IoT and global cooperation in the sector.

CoinGeek’s Becky Liggero caught up with Srdjan at the IoT Week in Dublin, an event he has been organizing for over a decade. IoT Week allows IoT professionals and enthusiasts to converge, network, and discuss the latest developments in the space, he stated.

Through his company DunavNET, Srdjan is a member of Demeter, a program by the EU that aims at leading the digital transformation of the region’s agri-food sector. While it has several mandates, increasing the efficiency of the food supply chain is high on its agenda. The project has been focusing on collecting massive amounts of data through IoT devices and then using this data to pinpoint farmers’ challenges and solve them.

As Srdjan revealed, blockchain is one of the technologies the program has been exploring. Together with other partners, it’s building a ‘distributed knowledge graph’ on a blockchain network on which stakeholders can access all manner of data regarding the European food supply chain.

Srdjan believes that the immutable nature of blockchain technology will allow all parties to trust the data and, eventually, make the food supply chain more efficient and cost-effective.

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