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How to make blockchain easy for all? Gate2Chain’s Joe Holles de Peyer talks to CoinGeek TV

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Blockchain is exciting and revolutionary, but it can also be daunting for new developers and users. This is the challenge that Joe Holles de Peyer and his team at Gate2Chain are out to solve. He joined Patrick Thompson for CoinGeek TV at the BSV Global Blockchain Convention in Dubai to talk about how he’s making it easier than ever to deploy applications on the blockchain and why BSV is the only network that can deliver the blockchain promise.

“At Gate2Chain, we consider ourselves enablers. We build tools to make blockchain easy,” de Peyer described the company where he is a co-founder and serves as the COO. The firm is also launching Minta, a platform that targets content creators with products based around NFTs.

Gate2Chain’s products are already on the market and a number of firms are trying them out. One of these is TRUEWORLD, a startup from Mallorca, Spain, that focuses on building tools that shine a light on the climate change crisis. The startup’s platform is the first globally built on the blockchain officially recognized by the United Nations for monitoring environmental variables. Others utilizing Gate2Chain’s products are in metrology, social media, and more.

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de Peyer has worked in the IoT industry for years before switching to the blockchain, and as he stated, the two are a perfect match.

“I dare to say that IoT without blockchain doesn’t really make much sense and blockchain without low transactions fees and scalability doesn’t make much sense either. So that really narrows it down to BSV,” he stated.

Soon, de Peyer’s company is set to launch Minta, a BSV-driven content creator platform that serves as a marketplace for real-world NFTs. Today, content creators are compensated poorly while the big platforms they use, such as YouTube and Facebook, rake in billions of dollars. Minta wants to change this, allowing users to monetize their content through NFTs.

NFTs, he believes, are here to stay. Today, NFTs are being used to represent the more valuable things. However, in the near future, as NFTs become easier to access and mint, Joe expects them to be used to represent the value of every other thing.

“In the end, wouldn’t it make sense for practically anything to have its digital twin?” he asked.

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At Gate2Chain, de Peyer’s mission is simple, “What we try to do is give people an access point to the blockchain, to be able to enjoy everything the blockchain has to offer without the barriers.”

In line with making blockchain easier, Gate2Chain allows users to deploy apps on the blockchain without requiring them to learn new programming languages. An average developer proficient in JavaScript, for instance, can quickly deploy a BSV-powered app in a couple of days, de Peyer revealed.

One of the big targets is mobile users. Today, many blockchain applications are optimized for computer users, neglecting the mobile sector, which currently accounts for close to two-thirds of all Internet usage. de Peyer said his company is targeting this sector, with the Minta app being mobile-optimized and pledging to release native apps soon.

A big factor that will determine the success of blockchain firms like Gate2Chain is regulations, and de Peyer is all for it. His company is based in Switzerland, a jurisdiction that has one of the most advanced regulatory frameworks for the industry.

As an illustration of how regulations foster development, de Peyer revealed that his company is in the process of tokenizing its shares. This was only possible in Switzerland, where lawmakers have formulated regulations that allow for tokenized shares. Soon, more companies will rely on tokens for utility and not speculation, and regulators must catch up quickly or risk seeing a mass exodus into friendly jurisdictions such as Switzerland and the Middle East, he added.

“We need clear frameworks in the end. You need to know what you’re allowed to do and what you’re not. We’re going for mass adoption. We want to get over this crypto anarchist phase, the juvenile rebellious phase of the crypto world, and that’s all about having clear framework,” de Peyer concluded.

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