BSV Global Blockchain Convention Day 3 Livestream

Watch BSV Global Blockchain Convention Day 3 Livestream: Tokenization, smart contracts, regulations, and more

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Payments, NFTs, the metaverse, Internet of Things, supply chains, and Web3, were among the many topics that several distinguished speakers discussed on Day 2 of the BSV Global Blockchain Convention. Today, the roster of guests is even better and will include Dr. Craig Wright in a panel discussion with blockchain and tech experts.

The day will kick off with two panels that will discuss regulatory compliance for digital assets and tokenization of assets and securities on the blockchain, respectively. Centbee’s Angus Brown, GAP600’s Daniel Lipshitz, and Tokenized’s James Belding are among the experts who will take the stage to share their expertise and experience.

Day 3 will also see speakers shed light on what’s happening in some regions in which adoption has been accelerated in recent years. Two panels will delve into blockchain in the Middle East and Africa, with the speakers coming from various sectors of their respective continents and sharing unique insights on the opportunities and challenges they face.

Xiaohui Liu, the founder and CEO of sCrypt Inc., will take the stage to talk about smart contracts on the BSV blockchain at a time when the world is finally waking up to the vast potential of smart contracts on Bitcoin

The debate on whether blockchain fosters or stifles Islamic financial tenets has been heated over the years, with some Islamic leaders even stating that Bitcoin is haram. Muhammad Anjum, the head of the BSV Hub in Dubai, will moderate a panel to discuss the intersection of Islamic finance and blockchain, with shariah experts and other Islamic leaders sharing their insight.

The afternoon sessions will feature building on blockchain, marketing and loyalty programs, ESG compliance, and blockchain mining. 

In April, it was revealed that SmartLedger would begin working with one of the world’s largest tech companies in IBM on the Sentinel Node as part of CertiHash. Bryan Daugherty, the co-founder of CertiHash will take to the stage together with Patryk Walaszczyk, an IBM blockchain expert, to share more about the partnership.

Dr. Craig Wright will also take the stage for his second keynote speech of the convention, this time focusing on cloud security, overlays, and blockchain. If it’s anything like his presentation on Day 2, you certainly don’t want to miss it. 

Satoshi will then join IPv6 Forum President Latif Ladid and the CEO of the Blockchain Center of Catalonia Quirze Salomó, for a panel discussion on the future world with blockchain.

With all this in store, you don’t want to miss Day 3 of the BSV Global Blockchain Convention, and you can catch it all on the CoinGeek livestream!

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