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WorldVest, Tokenized strike deal to dominate the global digital investments market

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Investment and development group WorldVest has teamed up with Tokenized in a $5 million deal that would see them build an investment platform for real-world asset investment on the BSV blockchain. Those behind the project say they intend to transform global infrastructure around tokenized assets and financial instruments, “unlocking significant value creation in a projected multi-trillion-dollar tokenized securities industry.”

The initial rollout will be to issuers in all jurisdictions where the companies have offices: Miami, New York City, and Dubai, as well as locations in Europe, Asia, and Australia. Investments will include equity, royalty, debt, and other financial instruments. The solutions are for big banks and institutions, with real estate being another avenue WorldVest is keen to explore.

Tokenized will receive a capital investment of $5 million to expand its presence worldwide, making it the new key player in the tokenized securities market.

WorldVest has standing in this area, having launched the MineralCoin tokenized asset on Ethereum in 2017. CEO Garrett Krause said this experience “highlighted the slow progress of current security token infrastructure, leaving many issuers frustrated with current solutions.”

Tokenized CEO James Belding agreed with this assessment, saying: “Existing solutions (are) unable to deliver on their promises. Misunderstanding the fundamental principles of blockchain technology, smart contract protocols, and the potential for unique user experiences have added unnecessary complexity and slowing progress.”

The company has built its smart contract and tokenization platform around principles of compliance, efficiency, flexibility, and automation. The deal with WorldVest gives Tokenized a marquee client with the worldwide presence and investment industry experience to deliver on its promise to “redefine the landscape of the global digital asset market” and create groundbreaking financial products.

‘Easy to deploy and best in class’

Speaking to CoinGeek, Krause said WorldVest plans to be the major player delivering an issuer solution that is easy to deploy and best in class.

“It will provide investors with trading, custody, and compliance functionality—finally delivering on blockchain’s promises since 2018, promises that never came.”

It’s the perfect partnership for worldwide rollout to issuers and banks, he said. The project seeks to bring in a different level of investor, creating a platform that sits “way above chain politics” while also setting “the tone for BSV being the leader in a US$50 trillion security token industry by 2030.”

He compared his investment in Tokenized to the classic Gilette commercials from the 1980s: “I liked it so much I bought the company.”

“I saw an opportunity to pioneer with James on a chain that could be the winner in the end, and so we will soon launch TroyMoney. We also moved MineralCoin over and have lined up 25 new issuers to roll out their tokens on Tokenized/BSV.”

“I am a real-world financier, venture banker, and issuer with 38 years of experience, and James Belding is a smart and skilled technologist that understands how to combine old-school real-world problems with new-school blockchain technology to provide proven solutions for the real world and will bring great impact and innovation in the blockchain field.”

Dissatisfaction with other blockchains

His experience with trying to build similar platforms on Ethereum, and research into other chains, showed that many of them “just never came together, or their ecosystems had many flaws.” For the TroyMoney project, he began looking for other blockchain solutions and “watching every YouTube video I could find” on the topic.

He contacted James Belding, and the two “talked every day for about a month.” Krause grilled Belding on everything from the Bitcoin protocol and scaling to inter-blockchain politics and Craig Wright-related controversies. He was eventually convinced that Belding, BSV, and Wright “were the real deal.”

That said, “issuers like me don’t care about the chain wars,” and nor should serious investors who are simply looking for a platform that works.

“All the so-called ‘MySpace Chains’ cannot offer this—it’s Bitcoin SV, the original Bitcoin. Most have been indoctrinated by all these people protecting their sub-par chains that don’t scale very well and were never built for tokenizing real-world assets and finance.”

“Most issuers were on blockchains that were slow, and with no ability to scale and very expensive to operate, aka Ethereum and many L2s to L5s. There are many platforms racing for the market, but most are competing instead of integrating. Everyone raised money, but the easy-to-use solutions for issuers never arrived.”

WorldVest describes itself as an innovative global investment and project development organization built for opportunistic high-growth global transactions. It recognizes there’s a disconnect between project needs and the limitations of traditional investment banking, private equity, and venture capital institutions. With Tokenized and BSV, it seeks to set a new standard, acting as the type of partner and solution provider which previously did not exist.

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