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Highlights from London Blockchain Conference 2024: Positivity prevails!

I had an amazing time at the London Blockchain Conference 2024, which took place May 21-23 at London ExCeL. There was just something about the vibe at the event that stood out this year—it was positive, fun and genuine.

Despite all the noise around us in the blockchain space—lawsuits, jail sentences, X (Twitter) battles, scams, trolling, etc.—all the negativity seemed to be forgotten within the London Blockchain Conference venue. I also think a lot of the negativity will be left behind after the conference because we can see that what we do with technology really matters.

The London Blockchain Conference 2024 included many new faces in the blockchain and future tech space compared to last year, both in terms of speakers and delegates. Everyone appreciated the opportunity to widen their circles, and I think this is where a lot of the positive vibes came from.

Something else new this year was the venue. While some may prefer something a bit more central, I personally love the ExCeL, and so long as you’re OK with public transport, it’s a direct shot to Central London and several London airports. I also loved how many people stayed in hotels close to the ExCeL, accelerating the chances of bumping into folks outside conference hours. This would never happen if the venue was more central; the location of the London Blockchain Conference added to its friendly vibe.

Now, on to the specifics of what I loved the most…

Scott Galloway keynote

My father is an enormous fan of Scott Galloway and now, I can see why. During events, I’m not able to watch a huge number of sessions due to interviewing and moderating commitments, but since Galloway was first up, I was able to catch his speech.

Keynote speaker Scott Galloway

I loved his style, frankness and sense of humor. He spoke of the TikTok economy and dove into the artificial intelligence (AI) landscape, predicting we are at “peak AI” right now in 2024. There were many other insights he shared including taking questions about blockchain towards end. I recommend watching his keynote on demand as soon as it’s available on the London Blockchain Conference YouTube channel.

Hair and Makeup

Throughout my 24-year career post-University, I’ve been to countless conferences, yet the only conference organizer to provide speakers with hair and makeup before going on stage are the London Blockchain Conference organizers. This luxury is such a treat and even a BBC presenter at the event said he is not used to getting this kind of attention!

Grace Gray and Becky Liggero Fontana photo together

The “Green Room” ladies were exceptional this year, in particular, the lovely Grace Gray, who did my hair and makeup every morning (and touched up throughout the day), the best way to start my day that I could ever think of.

Interoperability & Supply Chain panels

During the London Blockchain Conference, I had the pleasure of moderating two panels on the Main Stage: the first on Day 1 on “Solving Blockchain’s Interoperability Challenges” and the second on Day 3 on “Supply Chain Optimization with Blockchain.”

Supply Chain Optimization with Blockchain session

The interoperability panel examined challenges we face with intra and inter-blockchain interoperability, solutions to these challenges and a look into the future. The supply chain panel highlighted blockchain-powered supply chain platforms that exist today in the cow, agriculture, waste/recycling and real estate industries. The panelists revealed what blockchain brings to the supply chain that has never been done before.

CoinGeek Studio

For the first time ever, CoinGeek had a full-blown film studio on an expo floor with beautiful branding, couches, lights, a three-camera set-up and live audio for anyone who wanted to listen to the interviewing action.

Becky on CoinGeek Studio

There were four CoinGeek presenters—Kurt Wuckert Jr., Jon Southurst, Claire Celdran and myself—sharing this space to interview key speakers and attendees at the event. I loved this setup so much and felt as if I was hosting a talk show, something I’ve always wanted to do.

ComplexCon Hong Kong app

One of the challenges with future tech events is that a lot of the solutions discussed are, well, in the future. The London Blockchain Conference did a wonderful job of showcasing solutions that exist today despite their use of “future tech,” for example ComplexCon Hong Kong’s app that was created in partnership with nChain.

This app utilizes non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and data management via the BSV blockchain, providing a seamless and enjoyable user experience for attendees and the event organizer. The session covering this topic included nChain’s Christine Leong and ComplexCon’s Bonnie Chan Woo, two ladies who were an absolute pleasure to interview afterward at the stunning CoinGeek studio.

Women in Blockchain side event

Throughout the LBC, a selection of side events took place the day before, in the evenings, and the weekend after the conference.

Women in Blockchain side event

I was invited to cover the Women in Blockchain event co-organized by London Blockchain Conference and London Women Blockchain Talks on the Wednesday evening of the conference, and it was a delight. I had an amazing time interviewing the moderator, three panelists and attendees from the night, all of us enjoying a more intimate atmosphere with like-minded ladies outside the madness of the London Blockchain Conference.

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