Gather world, Bitcoin SV is for you

Human beings have for centuries gathered over ideas, discoveries, and innovations. Bitcoin SV is a rarity in that all three of these exist within a single dynamic.

While for centuries great new achievements were discussed by those curious and interested, gathered around fires late into starry nights. Later, crowded into forums and centers of our ancient towns and cities. Put to print, the transmission of our ideas began to improve dramatically well, the written word provided for a greater accuracy of explanation yet remained limited in its ability to be disseminated.

As communication technology improved, so did the rate of transmission. Soon ideas begin to spread like wildfire. Something else happened as well; the faster and easier it was to spread ideas, the better the ideas became. As ideas inspired even more ideas.

Today we find ourselves at a pivotal point in our aspirations for the future of humanity. The advent of the internet has increased the rate of information exchange well beyond anything that we could have imagined in our formative years. Yet with our increased ability to form and transmit ideas, what kind of ideas are forming?

Silly ones. Maybe the difficulties in disseminating ideas stressed that the ideas themselves be grand enough to warrant the challenge and overcome the obstacles in order to spread. Now what we are left with is the free flow of mainly poor ideas. Not bad necessarily but lacking any deeper vision and purpose.

Mild improvements on already existing things egged on by headlines about scientific breakthroughs. We always seem to be on the cusp of; A.I., human genome engineering, space travel, yet they remain elusive. It is rare indeed that an extraordinary breakthrough is designed, created, and open for business within a decade.

It is possible though and it requires vision and the communication of that vision through a virtual ocean of noise. What kind of vision should we as individuals look to for the world?

Neo-renaissance? It absolutely could come to be. What is holding it back? Perhaps because we haven’t really realized that such an era is possible. That then begs the question of why we haven’t realized it?

One possibility is money, or a lack of it in a truly digital sense, but not just any kind of digital money. We need a special kind of money, one that does extraordinary things. Things that have previously been impossible.

It’s more than just a new money system that we need for the emergence of a digital renaissance. There needs to be a real purpose for this money beyond the use of traditional payments. For it to ignite a renaissance it must provide access to a new world. This new world is one in which individuals can build tools and services that create value from the monetization of information. Potentially kicking off an explosion of digital development that will be unlike anything before. Opportunity is truly one of our greatest motivators and at the scale that Metanet delivers, the opportunity is unrivaled.

Money is only as valuable as what it grants access to. For Bitcoin SV that value is in many ways tied to the Metanet; a fusion of highly secure and instant sub-cent transactions combined with on-chain data storage and transferability enabled by minimal fees allowing for efficient and secure web usage.

The brilliance of this system paralleled only by that of Bitcoin pointing significantly to the fact that both networks are the brainchild of the same creator. The incentives that monetized data provide have the capacity to drastically improve the world through the elimination of noise via the valuing of information and the costliness of signaling. Will this cut down on fake news, sponsored “grass roots” movements, and nuisance targeted advertising? Quite possibly and in some occasions more than likely. 

Bitcoin SV is digital cash and in the same manner that the advent of modern banking helped initiate a European Renaissance, the real Bitcoin (BSV) shall initiate a global digital renaissance. It will be bigger, it will be better, hundreds of years from now that initial burst of creativity will still astonish our successors, just as the great Renaissance masters do for us today.

Now I would like to direct your attention to CoinGeek London conference. Following the Genesis upgrade and the delimiting of the Bitcoin SV network, thereby bringing it in line with the original Bitcoin vision, Bitcoin SV is now ready for the Metanet. Soon the Metanet will be ready for the world.

On February 20-21, many of those who have been highly focused on these two projects will have traveled great distances, despite a growing pandemic, to gather in London for what will be a remarkable event. Soon after I suspect the world too shall begin to gather over Satoshi’s two creations. Bitcoin SV – the key, and Metanet – the lock. Together the catalyst for a global digital renaissance.

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