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Gate2Chain-IBM’s Trace application is the best endorsement for BSV blockchain: Stefan Matthews on CoinGeek Backstage

Trace, a blockchain-powered platform that allows users to create digital twins for any product and track them across the entire supply and distribution chain, is one of the best endorsements for the BSV blockchain. This is according to nChain Group Executive Chairman and Co-founder Stefan Matthews. In an interview with CoinGeek Backstage, Matthews further called on mainstream media to highlight blockchain utility and not just ‘crypto’ scams and collapses.

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Trace was pre-launched by Gate2Chain during an invite-only preview event for the London Blockchain Conference two weeks ago. Developed in partnership with IBM, the application was showcased at the event as a tool for tracking the key ingredients to the meals the guests had at the event.

“If that doesn’t endorse BSV in the most positive way, I don’t know what possibly could,” Matthews remarked.

Matthews has played a key role in all the previous iterations of the upcoming conference, “but this one is bigger and more exciting than anything I’ve seen before.”

The London Blockchain Conference has over 100 guest speakers, led by nChain chief scientist Dr. Craig Wright. Most recently, it was revealed that ‘Gotham’ actor Ben McKenzie and gold bug Peter Schiff would be among the speakers.

There are still other exciting guests yet to be announced, and according to Matthews, who has “insider access to the full list of guests,” any blockchain developer can’t afford to miss the event.

The nChain chairman called out mainstream media for its continued and constant focus on the scammers, the cons, rug pulls, pyramid schemes, and crime in the ‘crypto’ industry. It’s time for the media to focus on the utility of the underlying blockchain, he told CoinGeek Backstage reporter Becky Liggero.

“What we work with is the original protocol,” he added. “This original protocol was designed to scale unbounded; scaling solves all problems.”

You can grab your tickets and be part of the biggest Bitcoin and blockchain event of the year or livestream the entire three-day event from the comfort of your home.

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