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GAP600 CEO Daniel Lipshitz talks BSV-powered stablecoins on CoinGeek Backstage

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Stablecoins have become one of the biggest and fastest-growing segments in the digital currency ecosystem. Daniel Lipshitz is building a stablecoin on the BSV blockchain.

Lipshitz is the CEO and founder of GAP600, a payments company that facilitates instant, risk-mitigated digital currency commerce. The company integrated BSV in February 2019, and since then, Lipshitz has been a devout advocate for restoring Satoshi’s original vision for Bitcoin through BSV. 

On the sidelines of AIBC Dubai, the Israeli national talked to CoinGeek Backstage about what his company is working on. 

“We’re building a stablecoin issuance platform primarily to support BSV applications and to go further beyond BSV, enabling the great efficiencies that BSV brings to commerce and enabling the use of that in medium of exchange or stablecoin,” he told CoinGeek’s Becky Liggero.

Lipshitz is building his stablecoin platform on the STAS token protocol. STAS, which stands for Substantiated Tokens with Actualized Satoshis. It allows users to transparently and openly convert generic unsubstantiated satoshis (Bitcoin) and turn them into a ‘minted’ token with a legal issuance contract. 

“We chose the STAS token protocol because we’re passionate about Bitcoin. If you’re passionate about Bitcoin, you’ll be passionate about STAS. It’s a pure implementation of Bitcoin,” Lipshitz stated. 

At AIBC, Lipshitz interacted with several people, from government delegates to consultants and other private entities. As he told CoinGeek Backstage, they all have one thing in common “they all want a technology that can solve their problems.” He explained to each person he met what Bitcoin SV is and does, and according to him, the world is hungry for what BSV has to offer.

“…it’s very clear that we have a compelling offering for them and they seemed very interested in some of the big service providers to solve their problems,” he said.

The AIBC was an event that had a mostly-blockchain audience and as such, explaining how BSV can solve their problems was much easier. However, out in ‘the real world,’ it’s a different kettle of fish, with most target customers unaware of blockchain technology.

But as Lipshitz observed, they don’t have to be blockchain-savvy as long as you can solve their problems.

“They shouldn’t really need to know about Bitcoin or blockchain. We’re solving a problem for them. We’re providing a complete solution,” he stated.

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