GAP600 CEO Daniel Lipshitz: Bitcoin SV can reach global adoption

GAP600 CEO Daniel Lipshitz: Bitcoin SV can reach global adoption

If it wasn’t easy enough already, it’s become even easier to spend Bitcoin SV (BSV) quickly and securely. GAP600, a world leader in cryptocurrency payment transaction enablement, announced on February 21 that they will add support for BSV.

With that support, BSV transactions can now be analyzed in real time for risk, and as a result, they can be guaranteed before ever reaching the blockchain, thus creating instant payments.

We reached out to the founder and CEO of GAP600, Daniel Lipshitz, to ask what about BSV’s stable development plan impressed him. He explained:

“This is a fresh approach by BSV. I am not aware of another public blockchain that has declared that the protocol is complete. For BSV, all that is of primary focus is unleashing scaling limitations in a responsible manner. Most of the other public blockchain projects pride themselves in having constant protocol development, upgrades and activity, implying a status of flux and not necessarily being ready for scaling. Stability for an entrepreneur or an innovating enterprise is a strategic advantage when building a service.”

GAP600 has the noted goal of facilitating instant payments with crypto, with the end result being increased economic freedom for the people. “This is a reason Bitcoin can bring greater economic freedom and global prosperity,” Lipshitz noted. “This can only happen when a cryptocurrency reaches mass adoption, and BSV is competing for this spot with a fresh and compelling approach, despite it being the oldest protocol.”

As their press release notes, GAP600 supports the entire crypto community without bias, as it really does believe in allowing the free market hash things out for there to be a consensus. All the same, we wanted to know more about what they see in BSV that they like.

It’s pretty clear to see why GAP600 understands BSV’s advantages. They also believe in the need for massive scaling. “Cryptocurrency requires mass adoption for it to bring its potential to fruition… otherwise it is very interesting science project,” Lipshitz quipped. “Scalability is a necessary characteristic to get a seat at the table. If you can’t scale, you are irrelevant in this ecosystem. BSV is pushing a stable, scalable approach, with a unique line on adoption. The field is competitive, and BSV appears to have compelling characteristics to reach adoption.”

BSV has the ambitious goal to scale to 1GB to 2GB blocks by next year. Lipshitz believes this is the right move, saying, “I think being able to prove stability and reliability at scale is a must, and any platform that can demonstrate this will be at a clear advantage. So, BSV should be pushing to scale massively as soon as is responsibly possible.”

Overall, the GAP600 CEO is very complimentary towards the development of the BSV-powered Metanet as well. He believes it will provide “added value of adoption forces,” which he says “progression to mass adoption of BSV as a means of exchange will be a natural and relatively seamless next step.”

All in all, this sounds like a great move towards that end goal of increased economic freedom. BSV users now have the added benefit of GAP600’s fantastic risk engine analysis, making transactions faster and safer. GAP600 also gets one step closer to their goal, by supporting the only crypto that has a stable development plan ready for the future.

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