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FabriikX launch its first community-sourced NFTs

This week, FabriikX, the curation-focused NFT marketplace, launched its first set of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from its Inaugural Community Collection series.

“To recognize the incredible talent within our community, we decided to launch with a set of community-sourced NFTs to highlight the amazing artists and creators who have submitted their work to FabriikX,” said Jaclyn Woo, the Product Marketing Lead at Fabriik.

“We have been sequencing all of the submitted NFTs into a series of drops that will take place across the next few weeks. Today we [are] featuring the first drop from our Inaugural Community Collection highlighting twelve incredible artists from our community. We chose to schedule our drops this way so that more artists will be featured on the site. If you don’t see NFTs you were expecting on the site today – rest assured, they will be included in an upcoming drop.

What is FabriikX?

FabriikX is one of the first NFT marketplaces of its kind, where anyone can create, mint, and list NFTs. Built on the power of BSV, FabriikX offers expertly curated content from top creators within arts, sports and music, as well as NFTs from the best creative minds in our community,” said Woo.

In October, the world got its first glance at the FabriikX platform when CoinGeek used FabriikX to facilitate its NFT Charity Auction during CoinGeek New York. But since then, FabriikX has evolved.

FabriikX is the first NFT marketplace to be built on the BSV platform that will offer expertly curated content from top creators. To us, NFTs are much more than just digital collectibles – they are experiences that connect collectors with the creators and communities they care about most,” said Woo.

We’re just at the beginning of our journey – our Inaugural Community Launch is essentially a preview of what’s to come with FabriikX. We believe that digital art and collectibles are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to NFTs – there are so many other applications such as music, tickets, real estate, gaming, etc, that are venturing into the world of NFTs. As NFTs gain more mainstream momentum, we think that customers will focus a lot more on the utility that NFTs can provide.

What can I do on FabriikX?

As long as you have a Money Button wallet, you can log into FabriikX, browse the curated NFT collection, and place bids and buy NFTs. In the near future, FabriikX will be implementing a variety of new features.

“We have a really exciting roadmap for the rest of the year which we’re looking forward to sharing with the community very soon,” said Woo.

For now – the feature we’re most excited about is the secondary market, where users can list and buy NFTs from other users on FabriikX. We think that will add a lot more utility to the site for our users. Other features include creator-specific profile pages and exclusive NFT drops from some top athletes and artists. 2022 is going to be a big year for FabriikX!

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