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Fabriik unveils unique new platform for NFTs – with call out for community creators

Fabriik is entering the world of NFTs with an exciting and innovative new product called FabriikX. With a preview unveiling from 25th January, the platform will be a uniquely created and curated NFT marketplace, built on the BSV blockchain, that brings together amateurs, enthusiasts, and professionals in the world of digital collectibles. The initial offering of NFTs will be entirely comprised of content from community contributors, affording the opportunity for anyone who is interested to put forward their own creations to be included in the soft launch of the site.

Fabriik is looking to offer around 200 NFTs from community-based creators. It is calling on interested parties to be part of the FabriikX community by putting forward their own NFTs to the Inaugural Community Collection.

Roy Bernhard, President & Chief Product Officer of Fabriik said, “FabriikX is a unique approach to NFTs and this first phase opens up the world of NFTs to absolutely anyone who has created artwork or other original content that they want to make into an NFT. We are looking for people interested in this space to put their work forward and we’ll take care of minting and listing for them. We’re really excited to be engaging with the community in this way, and we can’t wait to see what incredible work we discover and bring to a global audience!”

He added: “We have designed the platform to help guide people through it, in the same way you might view and interact with artwork in a gallery; taking visitors to the sections that appeal to them most, but also allowing them to discover and explore areas new to them.”

All community creators who submit their work qualify for an opportunity to be featured on the homepage, providing their NFTs with unparalleled visibility. In addition, selected artists will be chosen to receive additional support on the Fabriik and FabriikX organic channels with specific posts about their work. The most successful creators could also receive future marketing support with any new NFT drops. To learn more about the launch and submit content, contributors should go to https://fabriik.com/fabriikx-landing/

The January 25th launch is just the first phase launch of the platform with more to be revealed in the coming weeks, including partnering with globally recognized artists, athletes, musicians, and other creators, who will be crafting or contributing unique collectibles for the platform.

Summary of features – for content creators:

  • Community creators: The first phase collection will be built entirely from contributions from the community, making it the most democratic and accessible NFT collection around.
  • Incentives: Community creators will be included in marketing activity to promote the site and the community collections.
  • Explore Page: Where NFTs are consolidated so that collectors view all the NFTs available in one space.

Summary of features – for NFT buyers:

  • Curated experience: FabriikX is the first curation focused NFT marketplace built on BSV.
  • Direct Purchase: Most NFTs will be sold on a direct purchase basis, where customers won’t have to bid and can quickly own an NFT without waiting.
  • Money Button wallet: FabriikX is integrated with Fabriik Money Button, providing customers with a simple sign-in process and the ability to pay for NFTs directly through their Money Button wallet, with its unique single swipe feature.
  • Early access: Buyers from the Inaugural Community Collection will qualify for pre-sale access for the next NFT drop – the first FabriikX Exclusive Collection.

More from Fabriik

Fabriik Money Button is a simple way to make or accept payments over the internet. Payments cost less than one cent and are almost instant. You can pay, tip, and buy BSV with its unique swipe feature. And now you can also trade crypto directly from your wallet too – with Fabriik Weave – a quick and effortless way to trade up to US$1000 in crypto per day.

About Fabriik

Fabriik is made up of a group of developers and innovators who are passionate about the opportunities an interconnected network of cryptocurrency products will bring to the world of finance. 

We see a better future for finance – where everything is digital, and anything is possible – where you can have full visibility of your money, all in one place, and it’s easy to invest, trade, grow, and transform your assets, your way. 

We’re building the tools to make this possible so that anyone can grow and spread their wealth – whether you’re just starting to explore crypto and NFTs or you’re fully invested in the advancement of blockchain technology.

Fabriik. Reimagine Prosperity.

Risk Warning:

Trading in cryptocurrencies carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for everyone. You should consider whether you understand how cryptocurrencies work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

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