Photo of Evan Freeman with BitcoinSV Academy logo

Evan Freeman: Bitcoin SV Academy is filling a fundamental gap

Bitcoin SV Academy is developing into the premier online resource for learning about Bitcoin. This is according to Evan Freeman, one of the curriculum specialists working to make the Academy a success. In a recent interview with the Bitcoin Association, he delved into how the Academy is filling a fundamental gap and allowing the community to maximize opportunities in Bitcoin.

Freeman joined the Bitcoin SV Academy Conversations to discuss his involvement in the project. He pointed out that Bitcoin education has been largely ignored, to the detriment of the ecosystem, as there are many who aren’t aware of what Bitcoin is fully capable of.

He stated, “For most of Bitcoin’s existence there has been little regard given to providing accurate educational resources from which interested parties can form their knowledge. Bitcoin SV Academy is working to rectify that, by providing the highest standard of education regarding what Bitcoin is – and what it is capable of becoming.”

Freeman and the entire Academy team, including Steve Shadders and Brendan Lee, have been working tirelessly to “build the world’s most comprehensive resource of information about Bitcoin.” The team has spent the better part of a year to develop the initial curriculum, Freeman revealed. “This curriculum is a culmination of the knowledge the industry has gained from the first decade of Bitcoin’s existence.”

Introduction to Bitcoin Theory is the first course to launch on Bitcoin SV Academy, which is available now, free of charge.

Freeman noted that there’s something for everyone, from the curious novice through to seasoned developers.

“Even in the introductory courses, the content is likely to provide new insights to those who already have considerable knowledge and experience with Bitcoin. We have organised it in an immersive and intriguing way that is not just informative, but also enjoyable,” he said.

Freeman believes that education helps grow and maintain interest in Bitcoin. Additionally, it develops talented human resources who move the industry forward. Currently, most Bitcoin startups are struggling to fill even the most basic roles with employees who understand Bitcoin.

“There is often a lack of knowledge surrounding the basic concepts of Bitcoin that is necessary for employees to operate effectively within that organization,” he observed. “These companies end up spending fortunes to educate their employees about the basics of Bitcoin. Bitcoin SV Academy is bridging this gap.”

Education is the first step in building a future powered by Bitcoin, he concluded, stating, “Fundamentally a good education allows for the maximisation of opportunity.”

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