Bitcoin SV Academy: Steve Shadders on why there’s something for everyone

Bitcoin SV Academy is designed to offer something for everyone, from the Bitcoin experts to the beginners, Steve Shadders pointed out in the latest BSV Academy Conversations. The nChain CTO revealed why he is excited about the Academy and what people that take the course can expect to take away.

“The most important piece of infrastructure that Bitcoin can have is access and availability of education,” Shadders said in an interview. Education broadens the talent pool available to work and build with Bitcoin, while also spreading awareness of what Bitcoin as a technology system is capable of, he added.

As CoinGeek reported, the Bitcoin Association launched the Bitcoin SV Academy in December. The Academy seeks to make Bitcoin education accessible, accurate and understandable. It has three fields of study—Bitcoin Theory, Bitcoin Infrastructure and Bitcoin Development. The first course comprises 13 lectures, starting with the foundational study of the Bitcoin white paper, which Shadders recommends.

“If you want to learn about Bitcoin, especially to establish a baseline level of knowledge, an in-depth examination of the white paper is a really good place to start. There’s no better source to get to the truth of how Bitcoin works, what it is and what it’s capable of doing, than going directly to the white paper.”

Shadders, who is also the technical director of the Bitcoin SV Infrastructure Team, has been involved in the Academy, but in a peripheral role. As he revealed, he was extensively involved in reviewing the curriculum content for accuracy and clarity.

The respected Bitcoin developer believes that the courses are essential for all Bitcoiners, even those with advanced knowledge of the Bitcoin blockchain. He intends to make everyone at nChain go through the course, he stated.

“When I went through it myself, I found I learned a couple of things—details in the white paper that I hadn’t paid attention to over the years—so even for people who work with Bitcoin daily, this course will be worthwhile for them.”

The advanced courses may seem a little intimidating to beginners, but Shadders believes they can still learn a lot from taking these courses. Since Bitcoin merges “economics with technology, along with elements of human behavior,” even the less tech-savvy will have a lot to take away.

He concluded, “There is something there for everyone, whether it’s being able to explain Bitcoin to their family, their boss or their board, they’ll be in a much better position to do that after completing the first full course on Bitcoin SV Academy.”

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