Bitcoin SV Academy launches

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Looking to learn more about Bitcoin SV (BSV)—the original Bitcoin protocol, with massive on-chain data processing and unbounded scaling? Now there’s a great place to get started, as Bitcoin SV Academy is now live! An initiative of Bitcoin Association, at Bitcoin SV Academy, you’ll find all of the online learning resources you need, no matter what sector of the BSV ecosystem you’d like to join.

Bitcoin Association described the courses at Bitcoin SV Academy as high-quality, comprehensive, and meaningful, unlocking Bitcoin SV’s potential by “providing the best knowledge and expertise necessary for individuals and businesses to take full advantage of the unique and valuable properties of Bitcoin SV.”

You can register for a course at the Bitcoin SV Academy site here. Courses include a series of tutorials with assessment tasks at the end of each.

The tutorial streams are structured in a way that makes them easy to find and plot a course that’s best for you. There are three streams: Bitcoin Development, Bitcoin Infrastructure, and Bitcoin Theory, identified by skill and experience level, and with estimated completion times.

Tutors and streams

The Academy has assembled a team of instructors from Bitcoin Association, including Raylene Wilson, Brendan Lee, Evan Freeman and Kapil Jain. Those who have provided course content materials include nChain‘s CTO Steve Shadders, Senior Researcher Wei Zhang, and Director of Research Owen Vaughan.

The “Bitcoin Theory” stream looks at the fundamental principles and incentives behind Bitcoin, how the network is structured and connected. Using Satoshi Nakamoto’s writings as a guide, the course progresses into secondary and tertiary units, that explain not only how Bitcoin works, but why it was built that way.

The “Bitcoin Infrastructure” stream builds on the philosophy by getting more technical, explaining the “machinery and mechanics” of Bitcoin’s network and ledger—while also showing how Bitcoin is able to scale without limits to handle volumes of data at any level.

The “Bitcoin Development” stream is aimed at those looking to build actual applications. It explains the tools and best techniques available for developers, with less emphasis on the underlying theory.

To fully understand Bitcoin, it is as important to know the whys as well as the whats and hows. While experienced developers may choose to skip straight to the technical details, a thorough review of the philosophies and ideas that led to Bitcoin’s creation will also assist in building useful applications.

With a number of other blockchains falsely claiming the name and heritage of “Bitcoin” out there, it’s important to get the right information from a reliable source. Those curious can discover exactly why Bitcoin SV is the only blockchain platform that follows the rules set out in the original Bitcoin white paper—the first peer-to-peer electronic cash system that ever existed and worked. You’ll also see why the pretenders to the name cannot be considered “Bitcoin,” and have in fact been misguided in altering several key fundamentals that cannot meet Bitcoin’s purpose or functionality.

By growing the overall talent pool and skill base for Bitcoin SV and blockchain in general, Bitcoin SV Academy seeks to make life easier for enterprise, business and other industry participants to hire the right people they need to fulfil their vision. Whether it’s big data, finance, social media and content, consumer and payments or something no-one’s ever thought of before, the Bitcoin SV Academy is the place to start learning what BSV can do… and how.

Sign up for the first Bitcoin SV Academy course here.

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