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Bitcoin SV Academy: Brendan Lee talks molding the future of Bitcoin

The Bitcoin industry has failed in recent years on education and training, and the recently-launched Bitcoin SV Academy is the best way to change this. This is according to Brendan Lee, the Training and Development Manager at the Bitcoin Association. In the latest Bitcoin SV Academy Conversations, Lee talked about the motivation behind the academy and why it will mold the future of Bitcoin.

As CoinGeek reported, the Bitcoin Association recently launched the Bitcoin SV Academy. The initiative is meant to finally impact the knowledge, skills and expertise needed to take full advantage of the unique and valuable properties of Bitcoin SV (BSV).

“Bitcoin SV Academy is designed for people who want to really understand how Bitcoin works,” Lee explained.

The veteran Australian Bitcoin researcher is one of the most prolific and respected minds in Bitcoin development circles. In addition to working with the Bitcoin Association, he is the founder of Elas Digital, a technology layer for the Bitcoin public ledger. He has also served with other companies building on the Bitcoin SV blockchain, including Tokenized and Faiā.

Lee noted that most of the training initiatives in the Bitcoin industry have missed the mark.

“Bitcoin SV Academy is our chance to rectify this by bringing together some of the most talented and knowledgeable teams in the industry to deliver a technically accurate curriculum designed around Bitcoin.”

The BSV Academy is broken into three core streams—Bitcoin Theory, Bitcoin Development and Bitcoin Infrastructure. Bitcoin Theory, consisting of 13 lectures, will be the first to launch. Lee will lead the course alongside Bitcoin Association Curriculum Specialist Evan Freeman.

When designing the Bitcoin Theory course, Lee and Freeman wanted it to be “both accessible and useful to everyone,” he revealed. He expressed confidence that regardless of experience—from novices to seasoned professionals—all the participants will learn something new.

“Perhaps more importantly though, the first course will help to establish a framework that will provide a strong platform for developing further skills in the future,” he stated.

The Association will launch the other two courses in early 2021, Lee revealed. This will allow those who complete the introductory course to broaden their knowledge.

The Bitcoin SV Academy will be a multi-year initiative, with Lee revealing that his team intends to add specializations, new streams and topics at all levels.

“I would personally love to see an ‘arts’ stream where we have an interface to creators with a view to projecting Bitcoin into future stories, as well as using it to innovate in how their work is sold and monetised.”

The Bitcoin SV Academy team is working on an accreditation system in which they will test the participants’ knowledge. It will also roll out a certification program that rewards students who complete specific sets of courses.

Lee concluded, “Our goal is to have certifications from the Bitcoin SV Academy recognised by industries looking to employ people to work with blockchain technology and Bitcoin SV.”

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