Dr. Craig Wright on the value of money

Dr. Craig Wright on the value of money

It is becoming more and more evident that Dr. Craig Wright has vastly superior knowledge on everything money-related – including the “new money,” cryptocurrencies. In a recent interview on the Bitcoin SV Channel, he dove right into the true meaning of money and the role that crypto plays in altering how the world views currency. As the truth continues to be uncovered about both Wright and Bitcoin SV (BSV), the original Bitcoin, it will become more obvious how BSV is going to revolutionize and foster a new global economy. 

The interview, which was live-streamed on YouTube, has Wright discussing fiat currency and how it is simply a “measuring stick” used to determine “value now compared to value in the future.” He points out that fiat is nothing more than a form of commodity money that is controlled by a government in order to ensure that things like taxes, debts and everything else can be paid. However, because the system is controlled, it has the ability to be artificially manipulated, as well. This is what leads to inflation, increased tax rates and even devaluation of currencies. 

Crypto, and BSV in particular, is a form of money, but it is also an informational commodity. Information is where the real value lies. As Wright explains, “[BSV] has value because you can store information … [It] was the first system ever to allow a single set of books.”

Crypto, because it is an immutable data store, is virtually impervious to the types of financial frauds and scams seen in the past – those that have been perpetrated by Enron, Bernie Madoff and many others. All of these are impossible on an immutable platform, such as BSV, that offers a single store of value. Ultimately, this is what is going to lead to the creation of native value for a new global currency. 

As BSV continues to be developed and adheres to what crypto has meant to be since its inception a decade ago, it will have the ability to alter the financial landscape by providing a single, global data store that cannot be changed or manipulated. It singularly has the ability to create a more efficient economic system, while maintaining the inability for a currency to be artificially built up or knocked down as is seen today with fiat currencies around the world. 

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