Dr. Craig Wright on Proof

Dr. Craig Wright on proof

Dr. Craig Wright isn’t concerned with being liked or accepted. He rightfully believes that his work will speak for itself and show who he really is. Despite the shills who constantly try to call him out because of their limited understanding, willingness to accept the truth or whatever platform they’re standing on, the truth always surfaces. In a recent Medium post authored by the Bitcoin SV enthusiast and chief scientist for nChain, Wright attempts to put into simple terms why he is who he is and why most people in the crypto space completely miss the big picture on what Bitcoin is truly about. 

Wright points out that the crypto community “is not seeking Satoshi.” Instead, “they want a constructed myth that allows them to believe they can have an anonymous system of money and that those things parliaments stop, they can allow.”

He progresses in the post to assert that an anonymous system was never the goal of crypto, nor can it truly be defined as anonymous. He explains, “With anonymous money, government and regulators have methodologies to supplant social media, ISPs and the entire framework surrounding the system in a manner that allows not only complete profiling capturing all the use of what you like to believe is anonymous but in fact everything you do.”

To that end, Wright didn’t design a system that would be anonymous. Instead, it would be a system that works within legal frameworks while providing an alternative to government-controlled fiat, a system that would be able to scale due to competitive engagement that has no single point of failure and a system that would allow “privacy and yet simultaneously remains within the aspects of the law and practically every country on earth.”

Wright could prove that he is, as he has asserted on several occasions, Satoshi Nakamoto. However, doing so would not achieve anything positive. All it would create is a massive amount of hysteria in a short period of time, leading to what could conceivably be chaos among digital currencies. Ultimately, though Wright doesn’t care if people believe him or not. As he puts it, “So, no matter what happens to me I know my place in history.”

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