Bitcoin SV is ready for the world’s business

Bitcoin SV is ready for the world’s business

The Bitcoin world hasn’t been short of amazing, with several new developments since Bitcoin was revitalized in November 2018. Bitcoin SV is proving that by following Satoshi’s original plan of keeping a stable protocol and pursuing massive on chain scaling, it opens up incredible new possibilities. Altcoins parading around pretending to be Bitcoin are chasing their tail while we work on the world’s new money.

In October, we announced “Tokenized” as the winner of our £5M contest for Bitcoin Token Solutions. Their project, created by James Belding, Samuel Georges, Scott Barr, Farid Uddeen, and Brendan Lee, created a customizable smart contract system for Bitcoin SV.

Their efforts proved that Satoshi’s original vision for Bitcoin undeniably works, because they used resources only made available through massive scaling, and not through further protocol changes. For it, we rewarded them with the £5M prize.

Now I want to kick things into high gear and encourage the next wave of business applications using the Bitcoin SV and the Tokenized protocol. I’d like to invite any enterprising teams or individuals to develop their business plans that use this combination of technologies. Send us your business plans, and we’ll take a hard look at what you’re working on. With help from the great minds at nChain, who will be advising us, if we see the potential in your plan, I’ll invest in your project to help make it a reality.

Bitcoin is not just the future of money, it’s the future of business.

We’ve already seen that because Bitcoin SV offers unlimited possibilities, it’s created a Cambrian explosion of creativity and innovation. The next step to that is creating businesses and industries using the advantages of Bitcoin SV. I know people have bright ideas of how to do that, and they just might need a little support to make it a reality.

I’ve said it before but it merits repeating. 2019 will be a year of massive on-chain scaling, and that’s already proving to be true. Bitcoin SV has already proven it can sustain 64MB blocks, 103MB  blocks, and the plan is to much bigger. The protocol has already proven that betting on unlimited scaling was the correct choice.

Now, I want to plan the next step, and get the world’s new businesses kick-started. If you’re ready for the new world of Bitcoin, let us know, and we’ll get to that next step together.

Please send your proposals to [email protected]. Please remember to include an email and phone number where you can be reached.

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