Dr. Craig Wright to speak at IntelliSys 2019 kicking off tomorrow

Dr. Craig Wright to speak at IntelliSys 2019 in London

IntelliSys 2019 Conference kicks off Sept. 5 in London, and the two-day event is going to draw a large crowd. Focusing on artificial intelligence (AI) and intelligent systems, and applications that support them, it is one of the most widely respected events on AI in the world. Chosen to speak at this year’s conference is nChain’s chief scientist, and the man everyone knows better as the man behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, Dr. Craig Wright.

Wright will be presenting two papers he has published, one on decentralized autonomous corporations (DAC) and the other on Proof of Turing Completeness in Bitcoin Script. He is set to appear during Session 12 of the conference, which is scheduled for Friday, and the topics are extremely valuable for AI advancement and the future of many business operations.

Wright’s paper on DACs has already been singled out for its foresight and ability to address a limitation in current business operations. It is essentially a way to create a single corporation that can seamlessly span multiple geographic locations in a coherent fashion so that, even if one point fails, operations in the business will continue without interruption.

The paper has received such high acclaim that it was chosen as the “Best Paper” at the Fourth International Congress on Information and Communication Technology (ICICT) 2019 this past February. It was a credit to Wright’s expertise and knowledge in the field of business and shows how the blockchain is going to completely alter how companies manage different aspects of their operations going forward.

The second paper is of equal importance to a larger global business industry, as well as to the cryptocurrency community. In an over-simplified definition, a system is “Turing complete” if all components equal each other. In other words, a company would never be able to “cook the books,” since, in the case of blockchain-stored data, only the blockchain record is allowed. If revenue-expenses doesn’t add up to income (again, over-simplified) in the blockchain, then a problem is immediately identifiable. If the blockchain had been established when Bernie Madoff was scamming millions of dollars from investors, he would have immediately been uncovered and those investors would have been saved.

Bitcoin’s script, the original script as presented by Satoshi, was able to operate as a Turing complete machine. When other projects, such as SegWitCoin (BTC) and Ethereum, began introducing artificial limits that didn’t need to be established, these blockchains were breaking the ability of the network to properly survive the Turing test. Wright’s presentation on Bitcoin and its relationship to the Turing test shows exactly why the original Bitcoin met all the requirements when it was first released.

IntelliSys 2019 is an important conference for many reasons, but never has it been as poignant as it is now. With a growing awareness of blockchains and how they can help virtually every industry, the global business ecosystem is going to see drastic advances over the course of the next several years.

Check out the agenda of the two-day IntelliSys 2019 event here.

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