CoinGeek Week shaping up to be a historic event

CoinGeek Week shaping up to be a historic event

November is an important month for Bitcoin BCH and its enthusiasts. The blockchain is about to see a major network upgrade, which will be followed by a stress test to see how strong the network is. Those following current Bitcoin BCH events know that the network has already been proven to be substantially more capable than other cryptocurrency networks and a large part of that success can be attributed to the miners who have helped to ensure network stability.

In two weeks, CoinGeek is holding its CoinGeek Week Conference—the perfect place to hear from thought leaders about the implications of the worlds first Bitcoin Hash War fought according to Nakamoto Consensus. Recently added to the lineup is Miner’s Day, an invitation-only event dedicated to miners and mining activity, which is perfectly timed to follow the work being seen on the Bitcoin BCH blockchain. It gives miners the opportunity to hear from the experts on how this month’s activity has gone and what’s in store for future developments.

Miner’s Day is also a chance for miners, mining pools and their representatives to meet other miners, creating new alliances in the process. It is undoubtedly one of the most important conferences this fall for anyone in the mining community. Attendance is open only to invitees—if you would like to learn more or secure a seat, check out the CoinGeek Week Miner’s Day page.

After Miner’s Day on November 27, the following day is dedicated to application developers, while November 29 is specifically for application merchants. The last day will delve deep into the future of Bitcoin BCH and cryptocurrency, giving attendees an opportunity to communicate with experts and help forge the path for digital currency.

The CoinGeek Week Conference is important for anyone already involved in crypto, as well as those looking to get started. As the only cryptocurrency that is being developed to truly serve as a digital currency, Bitcoin BCH has the most potential to make a difference in the retail industry. Networking events held during the conference will be the perfect time to shake hands and expand business relationships.

CoinGeek Week will be held at The Mermaid at Puddle Dock in London. Tickets are required and space is limited, so don’t delay. For those attendees who purchase tickets for the entire conference, CoinGeek’s Calvin Ayre will hold an after party on the night of November 30, which is destined to be one of the greatest parties of the year.

Ticket purchasing using Bitcoin BCH can be made directly on the CoinGeek website. If you prefer to pay with Visa, MasterCard or American Express, Eventbrite is the solution. Remember—time is running out and no one can afford to miss this incredible opportunity to be a part of history.

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