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Dr. Craig Wright stresses importance of private record keeping to streamline tourism

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With much of the transactions done online nowadays, it is imperative that industries use a tool capable of keeping their consumers’ records securely and privately. This is of primary importance, especially now that bad actors in the cyberspace are catching up with the evolution of technology.

Having a private record-keeping system is crucial not only for the global financial sector but also for the tourism industry. This is what nChain Chief Scientist Dr. Craig Wright emphasized in an interview with CoinGeek Backstage in Mallorca, Spain, where he attended the Gate2Chain Blockchain, Tourism and the Future of the Internet Conference.

Dr. Wright said people don’t often track their activities online, whether they would be simply sending a transaction or filling up forms that may need their personal information, and thus, the major responsibility of keeping their data safe and private falls at the hands of businesses operating the services.

“Just because people are out there enjoying a holiday or traveling for business, or whatever else, doesn’t mean they want all their information, and so, setting systems up correctly is always critical,” he said, pertaining to the standard process an individual goes through when booking for a flight or accommodation.

Aside from keeping customers’ information private, Dr. Wright said it would also be beneficial if the tourism industry could utilize a system that would cater to the travel preferences of users, which he said may be possible using blockchain technology.

“When storing identity, attributes, etc., there’d be abilities to make personal information that could be shared with different sort of places you’re staying,” the nChain chief scientist said, stressing that this would reduce the need to fill up forms when traveling from one place to another.

He added that building a system like this on the blockchain will help avoid customers’ personal information from being leaked or hacked.

Dr. Wright said the city of Mallorca is an ideal hub to promote such an innovation due to the volume of tourism on the island and “a variety of different sort of goals between ecotourism right up to luxury tourism.”

Watch: Gate2Chain Blockchain, Tourism and the Future of the Internet Conference

YouTube video

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