Blockchain privacy explained

Blockchain does not require user identification in the same way as other technologies. Unlike the Internet, where users are tracked and profiled with every click, blockchain does not, by definition, require identity. Blockchain privacy explained as private users and transactions on the blockchain is a primary focus for those developing the world’s new money.

This means private user information is not recorded on a central server, which makes blockchain considerably more secure than the Internet.

While SegWitCoin (BTC) is often held up as guaranteeing blockchain privacy, it falls down because of its focus on pseudonymity. BTC transactions are deliberately difficult for law enforcement authorities to track and unpack, undermining its viability for payments.

In practice, this has allowed BTC to become the cryptocurrency of choice for illegal transactions online — an unsustainable position for any would-be global digital currency.

In the words of nChain chief scientist Dr. Craig Wright, pseudonymity takes BTC transactions outside of the scope of laws and government — a fundamental flaw that means by definition, BTC can never become the currency of choice for mainstream payments. Moreover, Dr. Wright has said that BTC “is not Bitcoin” as it was envisioned in the original Bitcoin whitepaper.

Bitcoin SV, on the other hand, allows for privacy of transactions without anonymity, a key distinction that makes it more suitable for global payments. According to Dr. Wright, this is one of many ways in which BSV presents a superior alternative to other cryptocurrencies, and one more closely aligned to the original vision and roadmap for Bitcoin.

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