Dr. Craig Wright discusses adversity and one simple Bitcoin

Dr. Craig Wright discusses adversity and one simple Bitcoin

Dr. Craig Wright has not been afraid to respond to his Twitter critics in recent weeks about his vision for Bitcoin; he’s faced much bigger obstacles in life and overcome them.

Dr. Wright recalls while on the path to his first degree in higher education, telling CoinGeek’s Becky Liggero, “I had to stop that part way through because I actually had cancer. I could have done the typical ‘Oh well poor me.’ I didn’t.” This attitude towards adversity has carried him through life, and he now advocates that others take the same lesson. “It’s part of the road to success, is learning where you went wrong.”

The nChain chief scientist has not allowed his detractors to distract him from his goals. He is working toward a Bitcoin that is simple enough for anyone to use.

“Because it gets adoption,” he explains. “[W]hen you use cash, you don’t need to know anything special, you just hand over a bill. And when you tap with a credit card, you don’t need anything special.” Conversely, with competing, more complicated alt-coins, Wright said, “If you have to run up a node and log in to the Lightning Network and sync and then wait … then I’m sorry but most people aren’t ever going to use it.”

Although there are many cryptocurrencies competing in the space at the moment, to realize the full potential of blockchain technology, there can only be one winner.

“If you think about it, it opens world trade,” he said. Wright points to history, as proof that this is true: “If we think about how Europe was before they went to the Euro, then every time you crossed the border, and there are lots of them in Europe, then you had to exchange money.” Relating this to our modern, interconnected world, he goes on to conclude that with multiple online currencies, “It becomes very ridiculous. Imagine trying to trade over the internet when everywhere you want to go you have to start exchanging.”

The only path forward is behind a single Bitcoin that works, and makes our real and digital lives easier. According to Wright, “If we have one money that everyone can use, it means it doesn’t matter where you are anymore. You can be in Argentina, Canada, Britain, Lithuania. No one cares anymore. That’s the whole point.”

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