Side by side photo of Douglas Rushkoff and Isaac Morehouse

Douglas Rushkoff talks cyberpunks and Bitcoin with Isaac Morehouse on Streamanity

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What was originally rumored at CoinGeek Live has finally happened, and is now live on Streamanity.

Crash Inc. CEO Isaac Morehouse and the cyberpunk, author, producer, podcaster, media theorist, and visionary Douglas Rushkoff got together to discuss a variety of topics exclusively on Streamanity.

Both Morehouse and Rushkoff participated in the “Social & Online Content Creators: Moving On-Chain to Make Money” panel on day two of CoinGeek Live. The panel explored the numerous ways that Bitcoin offers a better alternative to the current content creation outlets, as well as how content creators can move on-chain to make money in the digital era that we live in.

YouTube video

The two recently continued their discussion about technologies that could change the world and branched into other topics such as what media really is, the promise and problems of Bitcoin, tech utopia vs dystopia, the nerd’s dream of plugging into the Matrix, open-source Judaism [sic], the need for people to find dignity, and more—all on Bitcoin-based Streamanity.

Their discussion gives you a unique look at how the internet evolved, making money with technology, when Rushkoff first learned of Bitcoin as well as his original concerns regarding Bitcoin, the current status of technology in the world and whether it is positive or negative, as well as Rushkoff’s take on the world that we live in today, and what we can expect to see from him in the future.

“I’m going to post this to Streamanity, and I’ll have you set up a Money Button or RelayX wallet, and then we’re going to charge a dollar for this and split the profit 50/50,” said Morehouse to Rushkoff as the interview was coming to an end. “Every time someone watches this it [the payment will] go instantly into your account and we will see the peer-to-peer, direct to creator, no middleman, no advertisers.”

Just as Morehouse explained to Rushkoff, Streamanity is the perfect platform for content creators who are looking to own their content in every sense of the word. Unlike other content creation and streaming platforms, Streamanity lets the content creator earn their share of revenue directly, without an advertiser or middle man significantly reducing the creator’s earnings.

Interested in learning more about Streamanity? Then head over to to learn all about Streamanity, its recent acquisition by RelayX, and how you can get set up and begin using the platform.

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