Developer Unwriter and his tools explained at CoinGeek Toronto 2019

YouTube video

The CoinGeek Toronto 2019 conference held last month was an incredible opportunity to truly understand what is happening with Bitcoin SV (BSV) and some of the awesome advances seen with the real Bitcoin. One developer who understands all too well the value of coding on the blockchain for real-world value is the mysterious “unwriter,” who has repeatedly introduced solutions that prove the viability of blockchain applications. Joshua Henslee, an ERP consultant and co-founder of the BSV Meetup in San Francisco, spoke at CoinGeek Toronto, where he discussed many of unwriter’s developments, as well as gave a hint about the coder’s possible real identity. 

The massive scaling allowed with BSV, coupled with the flexibility of the platform, has already allowed for a great number of real-world use cases on why transitioning to blockchain is an important decision for any business, as well as one that will eventually have to happen.  Unwriter is responsible for some of the most powerful tools on BSV. They always come with excellent documentation and aren’t difficult to understand. The tools don’t require a lot of code, but have proven to be powerful. However, developers have to have experience with software implementation, best practices and extensible solutions in order to properly interact with the applications.  (2:16)

Because of unwriter’s work, as well as that of other developers, APIs, web stores, etc. are all possible on the blockchain. A perfect example was unwriter’s publishing of “Alice in Bitcoinland,” a serverless website that was completely contained in a single BSV transaction. This demonstrates how data can be put back in users’ hands and monetized, providing a verifiable source for the data, as well as solid revenue streams. 

Another example is Datapay, which is a JavaScript library used to build and broadcast data transactions to the blockchain. Datapay is only four lines of code and is a great place for beginners to start. It allows for easy entry into blockchain development because of its simplicity. (5:30)

Planaria is another incredible advance for Bitcoin. It is an API that is powered by the blockchain and contained as an API microservice so only JavaScript knowledge is needed for development. The growing list of solutions also includes Bitpipe, which can broadcast Bitcoin transactions based on HTTP requests and leverages Datapay. 

Henslee admits that he isn’t a professional developer, although he does have a little bit of experience. However, this limitation didn’t prevent him from creating One Page Checkout, an eCommerce payment solution that “Leverages Money Button and Bitcom.” It can prevent fraud and improves transparency and combines six different payment processes into a single transaction. This not only improves the customer experience on the retail platform, but also completely eliminates fraud and improves transparency

If anyone wants to know who the elusive unwriter is, Henslee thinks he has the answer. He recommends that curious minds was the Bitcoin Doco interview with Dr. Craig Wright from 2014 and “then watch the Crypto Black Pill video back to back for the best theory.”  (25:50)

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