Unwriter continues to impress with new developments

Unwriter continues to impress with new developments

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Perhaps it’s too much caffeine or perhaps he simply doesn’t have an “off” button, but prolific cryptocurrency developer Unwriter has been enthusiastically introducing a non-stop stream of new options to Bitcoin SV (BSV). Last week saw the release of six different advances before he took a well-deserved, albeit brief, break before getting back to the keyboard. This week has already seen a number of new additions and they’re simply fascinating. 


On Tuesday, Unwriter introduced to the Twitter world his “Bitpipe Light node.” He explains in the tweet, “People loved Bitpipe but it needed a Bitcoin node so was not for everyone. So I added a “LIGHT NODE” mode. Uses remote Insight API instead of Bitcoin RPC [remote procedure call].” Insight API (application programming interface) is an open-source blockchain explorer that offers advanced queries not capable with Bitcoin RPC. Bitpipe Light and its description can be found on its GitHub page. 

Next up, Unwriter unveiled his “Alice in BitcoinLand” project yesterday. He bills it as “The World’s First Server-less Website contained in a SINGLE Bitcoin Transaction,” adding that it is served from Babel BitDB and was created on the BSV blockchain. To check it out, visit alice.bitdb.network.

Unwriter points out that this is essentially a follow up to a previous project led by he and fellow developer “disco_donald.” The pair had created a “website in a transaction” that was based on multiple outputs, but “Alice is special because it’s ONE OP_RETURN output.”

Alice’s journey continues in the new sequel, Alice in BitcoinLand II.

In his third (but undoubtedly not last) development, Unwriter has produced Eliza. In introducing Eliza to the world on Twitter, he explains, “You thought Realtime Chat over Bitcoin was cool? Wait till you see an AI chatbot that lives on Bitcoin. Today I give you: Eli – An Eliza bot living on the Bitcoin SV Blockchain.”

Eliza, or Eli, as Unwriter affectionately calls her, follows the Bitchat.bitdb.network Bitquery through Bitsocket. Whenever a matched event is found, Eli can create a response using “Eliza logic.” This response is converted into an OP_RETURN transaction, which is then signed and broadcast through unwriter’s previously-mentioned creation, Bitpipe.

Eli isn’t as versatile as Alexa or Hey Google. Unwriter states, “Eli will just butt in every once in a while to the conversation (To be specific, it will respond to every Nth message where N is a random number between 3 and 20).” To learn more about Eliza (will she ultimately take the place of Siri or Alexa?), check out her GitHub page. 

The past two weeks have been full of interesting developments by Unwriter that show the strength and versatility of the BSV blockchain. Given his unwavering enthusiasm for creating new projects, the future undoubtedly has some amazing innovations in store. 

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