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Defiance Media at GBC22 in Dubai Part 2 with Robert Rice, Justin Ihnken, Tyler Farnsworth and more

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After the BSV Global Blockchain Convention in Dubai, Defiance Media got a chance to catch up with some of the entrepreneurs, developers, and other personalities in the ecosystem. This episode two of the series is focused on entertainment.

Robert Rice – Founder and CEO of Transmira Inc.

Rice says he wants to build a Metaverse that’s useful and important enough to sustain itself, and that isn’t just about fun and entertainment. For him and his team, it must have a positive impact on people’s lives. He wants to create new economic opportunities and bring out the full potential of the Metaverse.

Speaking more about Omniscape, Transmira’s iteration of the Metaverse, he says it’s half augmented reality and half virtual reality. It includes elements such as city-scale digital twins of airports, universities, malls, and more. Using user-friendly 3D tools, users will be able to add their own worlds to Omniscape. Rice sees it being the one in the middle that will connect virtual worlds on other platforms.

Rice explains how blockchain technology plays a role. He says it can verify an object’s origin, help with data visualization, and enhance data accuracy and integrity. This is important because it means the Metaverse will be secure, trusted, and safe.

After assessing various blockchains, Transmira decided on Bitcoin SV because of its technical capabilities. Rice says it’s already done and is both fast and scalable with big data blocks and negligible transaction fees.

“It’s the only blockchain that can handle [the metaverse],” he says.

Finishing off with more about why it’s important that the Metaverse changes people’s lives for the better, Rice says it will make it easier for people to connect, collaborate, and take advantage of opportunities.

Rebecca Liggero Fontana – Lead gaming reporter for

Liggero is the lead gaming reporter at CoinGeek and has been traveling to conferences all over the world. She explains how all the interviews and coverage are done to TV quality standards. She loves talking to exciting people and reflects that the conferences and events are full of great minds thinking big ideas.

Liggero had noticed that, whereas before, people were mostly talking about what they would do someday, now reporting wins and talking about what’s happening or has already happened. This, in turn, creates new partnerships and collaborations, creating a positive feedback loop in the BSV ecosystem.

“Dubai is a hub for blockchain technology,” Liggero reflects.

She notes that the Middle East, in general, is hyper-focused on the latest technology trends. She says countries like Dubai are keen on blockchain technology and how it can positively transform society, whereas much of the rest of the world is still focused on trying to make financial gains from BTC and other tokens. In the Middle East, she encounters a higher level of thought, such as how Bitcoin can integrate with IPv6 to create a more connected world.

Liggero says that she is not a technical person, but this works in her favor as it means she can show other non-technical people how to use HandCash and other BSV apps.

“If I can do it, you can,” she says.

Justin Ihnken – Founder and CEO of QNTM Labs

QNTM Labs is an analytical lab and testing platform in the pharmaceutical industry. It takes products from ideas to trials and production. It’s crucial to ensure that the underlying products are what they say they are, and that’s where data integrity is key, Ihnken tells us.

Ihnken says QNTM Labs is scaling globally to bring integrity to the pharmaceutical industry. He says that modern medicine has advanced at such a steep curve, but the technology to ensure data integrity hasn’t always kept pace.

For QNTM, BSV does a great job as far as scaling and transaction fees are concerned. He recognizes that other blockchains may catch up in a few years but maintains that BSV is the best choice for them today. That a company that was recognized on the Forbes 30 Under 30 would choose BSV speaks volumes.

Tyler Farnsworth – Chief Marketing Officer at Built By Gamers

Farnsworth should be a familiar face to the gaming community within BSV. He’s spoken at many conferences on behalf of Built By Gamers, a collective of eSports teams and professional players. “Gamers are everywhere,” he says, noting that about 3.2 billion gamers worldwide exist.

Farnsworth delves into how modern streaming platforms like Twitch have made closer relationships between content creators and fans possible. He gives the example of giving a tip in a livestream and having the star call out your name.

Looking to take this engagement even further, Built By Gamers has created a fan engagement platform on the blockchain. It rewards fans for engaging with the platform, such as watching their favorite teams, wearing team shirts, etc. Speaking about its revenue model, he says it works basically the same way as a sports team; selling tickets, sponsorships, merchandise, etc. The platform’s customers are typically 15-35-year-old males and females who love the games, enjoy the gaming culture and just enjoy being part of it all.

Speaking more about Dubai, he points out that it’s extremely focused on innovation. In his view, the number of people building on BSV is amazing, and they’re some of the sharpest minds he has encountered in his career. These entrepreneurs and builders are impacting every major industry, Farnsworth says.

Wrapping up, Farnsworth explains that his team explored a lot of blockchains. BSV was not the first, but it solved problems that other blockchains could not, so they ultimately found their home on BSV.

Charles Symons – Co-Founder of Buzzmint

Buzzmint is a SaaS-based platform that enables the delivery of NFT token projects within its customers’ own digital infrastructure. With its solution, there’s no need to send the audience to an external NFT platform. Symons describes their ideal customer as one with ambitions that go beyond the boundaries of flipping NFTs as assets or tokens.

Looking back, Symons explains how he once attended an event at the invitation of a friend. While there, he met and spoke with Dr. Craig Wright. As Dr. Wright explained what BSV is, Symons had what he describes as a “lightbulb moment” and realized that the solutions BSV offered were the answer to problems he had recently encountered in the publishing sector.

After realizing what BSV was, Symons acted quickly to co-found Buzzmint. He explains that it was one of the first companies to enter the Satoshi Block Dojo. He speaks very highly of the incubator, praising the expert advice, mentoring, and business expertise they make available.

Tony Mugavero and Brooklyn Earick, CEO and CMO RAD NFTV

RAD NFTV is a streaming platform for Web 3.0. It’s a marketplace between creators and fans, and it connects them using the BSV blockchain to make purchases more efficient.

Earick explains that the main aim is to give control back to the content creators and to let them set their own terms. He highlights that big platforms like YouTube dictate the terms as things stand today, and creators simply have to accept them.

Spotting a gap in the market, Mugavero explains that big streaming platforms cater to social streamers (such as YouTube) or filmmakers (such as Netflix). He explains that this left tens of thousands of other studios and creators, which the aforementioned platforms have squeezed out. However, the RAD NFTV has some compelling tools and a great team to help all creators find a home.

As well as giving creators more control, Rad NFTV gives fans a direct connection to them. Mugavero explains how with NFTs, creators can own the rights to their creations. He notes that returning intellectual property ownership to creators disrupts the business models of big streaming services like Disney. However, the team at RAD NFTV doesn’t believe they’ll be able to pivot quickly, so they are taking their time to build a base.

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