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Tyler Farnsworth talks to CoinGeek Backstage: How to bring more people to esports

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Another new face to the BSV ecosystem kicked off the gaming and esports stage at the CoinGeek New York Conference. Built By Gamers Chief Marketing Officer Tyler Farnsworth joined CoinGeek Backstage host Patrick Thompson to talk about esports, gaming, and micropayments on the BSV blockchain.

Built By Gamers, or as many fans call “BBG,” is an American esports organization launched in 2019. Their teams compete in popular online video games like Fortnite, VALORANT, and Apex Legends.

“We’re an esports organization. Meaning we staff a number of professional video game teams. We also have a lot of content creators, Twitch streamers, YouTube creators, people who are bringing people into this ecosystem and providing a lot of entertainment,” Farnsworth said.

According to Farnsworth, their vision for BBG is to create the most “fan-centric” esports organization globally. He mentioned that for BBG to do that, they would need to have a fan engagement program where they can monetize fan relationships, and that’s where BSV comes in.

“We’re trying to create the most fan-centric esports organization on planet Earth. To be able to do that, we have to have a fan engagement program that allows fans to be rewarded for their time spent, their love of the brand, their love of the the content creators and streamers. The BSV ecosystem enables us to have the technology layer to do that. Unlike anything else that exists right now,” Farnsworth said.

Built By Gamers is also working with other companies in the BSV blockchain ecosystem. They use HandCash as their wallet provider and recently launched a partnership with Unbounded Enterprise.

“We’re proud to be working with HandCash as our wallet provider of choice. It’s an awesome system. It allows us to connect to a lot of things and that’s growing every day. We also are working together with NFTY Jigs and with Haste Arcade. Providing unique opportunities for our fans to be able to use this system to interact, engage, and play,” Farnsworth noted.

Is micropayment a good fit for gaming? For Farnsworth, micropayments make it possible to reward fans for doing things such as liking, engaging, commenting, and watching their games. “Micropayments just allow us to exchange value in a really quick way, a smart way, and it opens up so many new things that previously weren’t possible,” he said.

Thompson continues by asking how big the gaming industry is, to which Farnsworth answered: “It’s unreal, it’s massive. A third of the population games. Like if you think about that billion, almost three billion people are gamers today.”

Indeed, he wasn’t wrong since according to Statista’s record, there is an estimated 3.24 billion gamers across the globe.

“We see that a gamer is someone [who] not just plays video games but someone that’s committed to constant improvement in their life. And this is a form of entertainment that right now is becoming the largest on the planet,” Farnsworth added.

What’s next for the team at Built By Gamers? Farnsworth revealed they are creating a “whole lot of content” and more opportunities by bringing more people into eSports and gaming ecosystem. “We’re really pushing forward to elevate this gamer ethos. We want people to come on board that previously might not have affiliated with or associated themselves with the gaming community, but they find a home inside Built by Gamers,” he added.

Thompson wraps up the interview by asking what Farnsworth wants the audience to know about the intersection of the BSV enterprise blockchain and the world of gaming.

“Gaming is the bridge to bring new people into the world of blockchain and crypto. It is causing people not just to think about it as like a speculative asset, but they can see the true utility of blockchain. It is the bridge that will bring people into wallets education understanding unlike anything else,” Farnsworth answered.

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