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‘DAO with a twist’: Pewnicorn Social Club launches

There is a new DAO on the BSV blockchain. The Pewnicorn Social Club launched on March 11 after the CoinGeek Twitter Spaces conversation on DAOs.

“The Pewnicorn Social Club is a DAO with a twist. We call it an Infinite DAO. An Infinite DAO runs a bit more like a company. Its purpose is simple: cultivate the community of a club, while taking on projects & activities that make money, paid directly to the treasury,” said Zachary Weiner, the founding member of the Pewnicorn Social Club.

DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations), DACs (Decentralized Autonomous Corporations), and other on-chain organizations are new business structures that allow every member or participant to play a role in an organization’s success, or at the very least have their voices be heard. In many cases, these organizations have a voting system that allows members to create proposals that influence the decisions the organization makes.

“Not everyone is a developer or an investor, but almost everyone I speak to wants to contribute to building the blockchain economy. The Pewnicorn DAO is a way for anyone, with or without tech skills, with or without an investment account, to play a role in the shaping and building of the BSV Ecosystem,” says Weiner.

“We only have one primary goal: Get more people using and building on BSV. To do that we may need to build libraries, tools, widgets, or even brands. The Pewnicorn Social Club will hyper-focus on building projects & products that earn long-term recurring revenue with little to no upkeep, and where no trust in the partner is required,” he added.

Pewnicorn Social Club’s inaugural event

“We have a lot scheduled, but our first event is a live streaming concert scheduled for March 18th, 2022. Anyone can get access to the concert through our Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube streams because we don’t want to limit who can experience the show. However, Pewnicorn holders will get extra privileges like pre/post-show time with musicians, a commemorative NFT, and more,” said Weiner.

“After the concert, we have comic books, animated digital video series, a clothing line (, and much, much more planned for the future,” he revealed.

Events and activities like this are an opportunity for the Social Club to earn more revenue. Advertisements during live streams and musical acts can create a lot of money. The more people that view the stream, the more the ad space is worth. The Pewnicorn Social Club is unique in this way in that 100% of the sponsorship funds go directly to the Pewnicorn Social Club Treasury (for the benefit of all club members).”

Why should I join a DAO?

If you love BSV, NFTs, Art, DAOs, Technology, or money and want to be a part of building all of them, but don’t have time, funding, or skills to do it all yourself, then Weiner says the Pewnicorn Social Club will be a good fit for you.

“Activities and events like the upcoming concert should encourage people who don’t have tech skills to use the skills that they do have. You don’t need to be a coder, engineer, or artist to contribute to the community; do you do sales? Project management? Advertising? We need your skills too,” said Weiner.

“It’s not often that we get the chance to buy something, and personally contribute to making it more valuable. But Pewnicorn Social Club lets you experience that same excitement and reap the reward, ” he added.

Pre-order your Pewnicorn Social Club DAO here.

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