G-DAO BSV's First Community Run Organization

G-DAO: BitCoin’s first community RUN organization

Just before the end of 2021, the Gopnikz team has launched a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) only fully accessible through ownership of at least one Gopnik NFT. This launch adds utility to one of the most successful NFT launches on Bitcoin SV to date.

Navigating to G-DAO.XYZ, users must login with their RelayX wallet and upon doing so will see one of their Gopnikz as their avatar. If users hold multiple, they can switch between them on the profile page.

G-DAO.XYZ profile
Source: GOP-DAO

Users can chat with other community members, vote on proposals and more. Check the Medium post for more details. Additional features are planned, including fully on-chain voting via RUN tokens, the launch of a $CIG fungible token, an explorer to view Gopnikz and more.

The takeaway here is the utility of NFTs and adoption of existing protocols to bootstrap a community. More and more attempts of this are occurring on BSV due to its low transaction fees and thus encouragement of experimentation. Until now, many users were leveraging ownership of other NFTs they had sold to manually include them in future activity such as airdrops, communications, etc. Now we are seeing automation and integration which is just now scratching the surface of what is possible.

Other chains have already done this for quite some time but given that BSV was a laggard in the NFT craze, innovation is happening quite fast. The importance of open protocols and ‘hitting the ground running’ cannot be understated. For example, music NFT platform Jamify launched the day after the G-DAO using similar APIs.

Gopnikz’ NFT launch was extremely successful due to the fact that that they were created from their original Squatting Slavs in tracksuits meme, their unique culture and strong community management.

As such, the Gopnikz team is launching another NFT series named ‘Slavettes’ later in January 2022.

While the DAO is based on ownership of one of the 3,333 Gopnikz NFTs the DAO intends to be open to the entire BSV community in terms of submitting proposals to push the entire space forward. The founders clearly understand the need to scale and gain adoption as competition heats up in the digital currency space.

Interestingly, the DAO asserts to be a ‘RUN’ community organization. A schism exists in the BSV community in terms of adopting open standards or persisting walled gardens of the existing Internet. Gopniks is yet another signaling adopter of the RUN token protocol, joining CryptoFights, Duro Dogs, RelayX and TakeItNFT.

As of writing this article BSV has recently had 4 million transactions in a 24-hour period, where 99% of the transactions were from a single gaming app (Cryptofights) and its NFT marketplace FYX Gaming which happens to be built on the same technology as RelayX and TakeItNFT.

At the start of 2022, it is becoming quite clear which path forward will gain adoption most efficiently. Without the existence of open protocols, the adoption would not be as iterative and swift. Bitcoin itself is an open ledger where one only needs to pay the transaction fee to access, and lack of reliance on a trusted third party was the entire motivation for its creation.

As more eyes are on this space in 2022, I look forward to the applications built, new community members joining and creativity flourishing.

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