Bitcoin and totalitarianism

Daniel Krawisz: Bitcoin and totalitarianism

Usually, we discuss the positive effects of Bitcoin on the world. However, since Bitcoin is a tool and therefore neutral itself, having Bitcoin implemented does not necessarily mean the world is becoming a better place to live in.

We caught up with the one-man Bitcoin think tank Daniel Krawisz to dive deep into Bitcoin and totalitarianism. Since this is a long interview, see our table of contents:

1) Introduction to Bitcoin and totalitarianism
2) Who profits more from Bitcoin: people or totalitarianism?
3) Totalitarianism outcompeted by free societies using Bitcoin due to economics?
4) What does totalitarianism offer to people that free systems don’t?
5) Are average people and not just a “small elite” to blame for totalitarianism? 
6) Are freedom and rule of law necessary conditions for Bitcoin to prosper?
7) Krawisz on the pandemic situation
8) Sources Krawisz uses to investigate the pandemic situation
9) Mainstream media vs. independent and other sources
10) How could Bitcoin help differentiate between fake and real information?
11) Krawisz opinion on COVID vaccines
12) Vaccination passport being implemented via Bitcoin?
13) Is there something like a COVID cult?
14) Is there something like a death cult in this world? Reference to Dr. Craig Wright
15) Krawisz’s personal situation with his family concerning the vaccines
16) Will Bitcoin as a tool lead to more or to less freedom?

1) Hi, Daniel! Bitcoin is a tool that can be used for good and for evil. Paint a nightmare scenario in which Bitcoin is used by a totalitarian force.

Daniel Krawisz: I don’t think that Bitcoin can be used by a totalitarian force because the totalitarian would be recognized as a threat to the system and ejected. Totalitarians are no good at collecting lots of transaction fees because they cannot generate relevant information. Totalitarians are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Their way of life is an exploiter in disguise as a friend of the people who are implementing their will. This tactic will not work in a true Byzantine fault-tolerant system. Byzantine fault-tolerance means that honest actors cannot be deceived about the global state, thus they would see through any attempt on the part of totalitarians to pretend to be good for the system when he is really destroying it. In effect, the totalitarian wants to put himself in the position of being able to insert whatever belief he wants into the system. This is similar to the problem of changing the rules of Bitcoin. We need fixed rules in general to have a secure system but that’s not what a totalitarian wants. 

However, Byzantine fault-tolerance cannot be secured by a program or a protocol alone. Bitcoin is a machine made of people and its security depends on them. We have seen that Bitcoiners are not very good at protecting Bitcoin. Almost everyone in Bitcoin was fooled by Bitcoin Core. Core developers have put themselves in the position of the hypothetical totalitarian above because they can change the rules however, they want and manufacture consent by the people. The real nightmare scenario is that totalitarians will destroy Bitcoin or change it, not that they will use it. 

I do not want to see a scenario again where we lose almost everybody. What I want is to see people get good at protecting each other but I have not seen people adopt this point of view to the degree that I would like even though they all want Bitcoin to go up and they think they are going to get rich off of it. If people would understand the economics of money, they would know that they need to protect each other, however, I feel like when I talk about economics, people act like it is not real and they won’t adopt new ways until they have actually been hurt a lot. We need to think about threats and protect each other from them before they happen. 

Right now, we are being hurt a lot from lockdowns, social distancing, and vaccines. Horrifying systems of control are gradually being implemented that are designed to trap everybody in a new slave society. Bitcoiners are reacting to this and are aware of what is happening. We know they have courage because they were willing to take a risk on Bitcoin. However, the problem we are having now needs to be addressed more directly. Totalitarianism is a security issue for Bitcoin. Implementation of slavery is bad for Bitcoin’s value. 

It is wrong to say that Bitcoin is all about business. It is about the whole human life. Threats to the planet and our society need to be treated like threats to our wealth. They need to be stopped as much as we need to stop Bitcoin Core. Everything that stands in the way of human flourishing is opposed to our wealth and is a threat to Bitcoin. 

2) If we assume a scenario in which Bitcoin is used both by a totalitarian force but also by average people, who actually profits using Bitcoin more? Totalitarianism or the people?

Daniel Krawisz: Ultimately, totalitarians do not profit from Bitcoin. Totalitarians want hub-and-spokes networks. They want to force everybody to go through the hub and to stand in between everybody. With Bitcoin, there is always a better alternative. People may be forced to register in a database and be tracked and surveilled. However, Bitcoin can also give them the ability to see their own situation objectively. It can also show them alternative systems that let them watch each other for threats without putting some totalitarian in a privileged position. 

3) What about economics and totalitarianism concerning Bitcoin? Could a totalitarian government that uses Bitcoin be outcompeted by governments or groups that use Bitcoin without being totalitarian?

Daniel Krawisz: Yes, totalitarian systems are very unproductive. Some nations that adopted Bitcoin to its full potential would be rocketed into a new level of economic development and would become the most influential nation. 

4) Let us assume politics and governance is a market. What does totalitarianism offer to people that other systems cannot offer the same way? How and why do people profit or think to profit in totalitarianism, even though losing freedom and rule of law?

Daniel Krawisz: Totalitarianism is an abusive relationship. Abusive relationships are worse than being single, but people frequently stay in them for a long time. What do they offer people? Addiction. Abusive relationships begin with something very alluring that may feel good but become worse over time. What is left is dependency. People are engaged in trying to appease the abuser to get his good side back. Today we have a group that has created both a crisis and a solution and they offer safety from the danger they are causing. 

Totalitarianism begins with many people who are alone and purposeless. The totalitarian lures them in by offering them a purpose that gives them a community. The purpose is some threat that they can all work together to defeat. Thus, totalitarianism gives people the illusion of a solution to a problem. See Reiner Füllmich’s discussion with Matthias Desmet. It is the last interview in this video.

Totalitarianism depends on the use of mass media. People have been hypnotized by radio and television and even more so by cell phones. Totalitarians can talk directly to people and manipulate them through mass media. Totalitarianism is not like a dictatorship from before mass media because it is so strongly based on ideas that the theory is more powerful than the stability of the real-life system. Dictators want to keep power and don’t want to destroy what they have. They know that they need the majority on their side and will appease people if they go too far. Totalitarians do not know this. To them, the people are part of their machine. The people, for their part, are hypnotized and respond to the totalitarian like machines. They will go to great lengths to maintain their fake community and do not engage with facts or logic. They will allow themselves to be hurt and will feel no pain. The totalitarian leader is the most hypnotized of all. 

The only way to wake people up is to connect with their anxiety from before they were hypnotized and to provide some real relief. We can do this by creating a society among Bitcoiners that is based on real love and solving genuine human problems, which would be a good idea anyway since that’s what makes Bitcoin go up. 

5) The reason I brought the last question up is this tweet from you that I found interesting:

Let us assume your statement is correct. What does it tell us about people? Are people actually the reason for totalitarianism rather than some “small group of evil elites that take control”?

Daniel Krawisz: People have some instincts that are evil. Evil instincts are what totalitarians exploit to gain power in the first place. It is through our own psychological flaws that we are lured into abusive relationships. This, too, is a threat to Bitcoin’s security that needs to be addressed carefully. We will have much better byzantine fault-tolerance when everyone understands how to avoid abusive relationships consistently. 

Many people seem to accept ideas based on social cues and what other people tell them rather than being able to form their own conclusions independently. This is very dangerous because small groups of people can manipulate vast numbers of people who think this way. Our society is not a secure system. We rely on hub-and-spokes-shaped networks to address our need to act together to respond to threats. These networks are easily taken over and many people do not act like they can see anything wrong even when it has changed character completely and the information coming from it is all obvious lies. It is as if it is programmed in. People do not think they can get information any other way. 

We have seen this dynamic in BTC. People in BTC have not understood what Bitcoin really offered them and have transformed it into a hub-and-spoke system with the core developers in the center and other shadowy forces behind them. They will be abused by this system, and it is unsustainable but they are rating it as very likely to be successful. They also project themselves on the alternate system. They say that BSV is centralized. The small-world network is invisible to them. 

People are affected by a psychological problem known as cognitive dissonance. When they have been conned, they are loath to accept that this is what happened to them and they lash out against evidence of having been conned instead of against their own mistakes. The way people are, it is as if we had a leprosy outbreak, and everyone who got it couldn’t stop talking about how great it is no matter how sick they got. This is how people are in financial scams like BTC, in cults, and with abusive partners. We cannot have a secure system if people are not willing enough to imagine that they have been tricked. In my video “How to think Independently” I point out that people in cults don’t know that they’re in cults and advise people to imagine that they are in a cult and they have to figure out what it is and how to get out. 

Fear is an effective tool of manipulation because people do not want to face their own cowardice. This makes them very willing to believe that some measure intended to enslave them is really for their own good. This is generally what totalitarians rely on. 

The psychological flaws that get people addicted are all related to narcissism, which is a personality disorder that has been growing more common. Narcissism is characterized by low self-esteem, lack of self-reflection, low emotional empathy, self-absorption, and deception of both the self and others with a false personality. There is a little bit of narcissism in all of us, but true narcissists are characterized by this tendency all the time. A narcissistic abuser attacks his victims through their own narcissistic traits. These traits may not be very strong in the victim, but the abuser finds them and communicates through them. 

Narcissists have no genuine love and depend on a failure on the part of their victims to distinguish real love from manipulation. Good people are cautious with one another at first and allow love to develop slowly as they become more comfortable with one another. Abuse is the opposite. It starts out very intense and pleasurable so as to create dependency before the victim has really got to know the abuser. Someone with experience who knows what real love is like will not find the experience pleasurable because he knows where it is leading. 

Narcissists want to be worshipped and don’t care whether they deserve it or not. If someone was born with no susceptibility to flattery they would never be a victim in an abusive relationship. However, people generally need to learn over time to be suspicious and to be aware of manipulation. Children start out as narcissists, but they grow up. Narcissists never stop being susceptible to flattery because that is all they want. 

We see this dynamic in the depiction of Gollum from Lord of the Rings. Gollum is lured so strongly by the ring that he is willing to commit murder over it but nothing good ever happens to him as a result of having it. The ring simply takes everything from him. He goes from being a hobbit to a monster and he does it voluntarily without ever predicting where he is going. On the other hand, Tom Bombadil is like someone who knows real love and who knows where manipulators lead people. To him, the ring is easy to ignore and has no effect when he puts it on. 

People are not irredeemably evil because they have self-reflection and can learn. This means that they can understand how their behavior causes their own problems. We become strong against narcissists by learning to recognize real love and developing genuine virtue. 

People need to be able to turn away from an abuser and seek out new friends no matter who the abuser is. Byzantine fault-tolerance depends on being able to distinguish real love from manipulation. If people cannot do this, they cannot be byzantine fault-tolerant because they are all susceptible to some totalitarian central planner who distracts them with comforting lies, stands between them all, and destroys their connection to one another. What we need in Bitcoin is to show people genuine love so that they can understand what it is like and will not be fooled. 

I think that love is enabling others’ creativity. I don’t think that love is based on self-sacrifice. There is a cost to love but there is also a benefit. With love you create karma, and karma reflects what you do back on to you. With Bitcoin, we have the potential for a society in which the benefit outweighs the cost to a greater degree than at any previous time in history. With Bitcoin we benefit a lot from each other’s growth and Bitcoin is very good at ensuring that what you do is reflected back onto you. Thus, with Bitcoin, we optimize with more love than we have had before. 

6) Are freedom and rule of law even necessary conditions for Bitcoin to prosper? I can imagine Bitcoin surviving without freedom and rule of law, which is scary. 

Daniel Krawisz: They are necessary in a certain sense but Bitcoin can succeed starting from conditions in which we do not have freedom and the rule of law. Freedom and the rule of law do not need to be provided externally. Freedom and the rule of law can be implemented by the Bitcoin system itself. 

Bitcoin is a great force for freedom because people who are invested in each other, which is what money enables them to do, want each other to be free. Slaves are not as valuable as free people because slaves cannot be entrepreneurs. Spontaneous, creative action is what makes people most valuable to each other. People who hold Bitcoin would want each other to be free if they want Bitcoin to go up. 

In the short term, Bitcoiners may have to bow to totalitarians in order to grow but in the long run, everyone will be dependent on Bitcoin and we can use some of the same tactics that the totalitarians have used to take control and to use them to improve Bitcoin instead. Lobbying and regulatory capture can be done by anyone with money. In the future, the Bitcoin industry will be generating huge amounts of wealth. The Bitcoin industry will lobby for freedom and incorruptibility. Eventually, governments will be under the control of the Bitcoin industry and then there will be no corruption. Right now there are many ways of benefiting from corruption, but Bitcoin is an industry that benefits directly from integrity. I don’t believe that democracy actually works very well but we will make sure all election results are accurate until we can come up with something that works better. 

7) You have told me in private conversations that you are very worried about how things go with the coronavirus concerning governmental actions. This is one of your tweets:

What exactly do you see as a danger in the current pandemic situation?

Daniel Krawisz: The biggest danger is a failure of truth-seekers to find each other and assess the situation honestly. We need the truth more than anything but there has been a concerted effort on the part of the global corporations and global NGOs in alliance with the deep state to spread lies and prevent truth. This is a Sybil attack. There is one organization in the background that is attempting to speak through many national governments and to prevent any information from getting out that is not from them. We can see that this is happening because all the nations are doing the same stupid things in “lock-step.” The danger is that many people will be misled into hurting or killing themselves and those who see the danger have been isolated and will not know how to save themselves. 

There has been a coordinated effort on the part of these organizations to manipulate everyone into taking the experimental COVID shots and to introduce vaccine passports. Government information and the mainstream media have colluded to mislead people on many issues. 

There is a deliberate campaign from both the mainstream media and from the big social networks to spread disinformation and to stop good information from spreading. This is because big pharma, big tech, and the media are owned by the same people. Also, see here If you look at the commercials in the mainstream media, you can see that there is a connection between them and the pharmaceutical industry. The biggest information sources have effectively been turned into commercials for big pharma. There is truth if you can find it but they make it very very difficult. Propaganda is what reaches the most people. 

For a long time, people would act like they thought you were an idiot for believing that COVID-19 was genetically engineered. Now we know that COVID-19 almost certainly was. The virus is both a respiratory virus and a vascular disease and is able to attack the central nervous system. This is unlikely to happen from a mutation that occurred in a bat virus. Other features of the COVID-19 DNA are more consistent with design than evolution, as discussed in the presentation I just linked to. We also know that there are patents behind the COVID-19 DNA that go back 20 years. We know that the NIH under Fauci funded so-called “gain of function”, which means bio-weapons research, in the Wuhan lab. 

The PCR test that has been used to test for COVID-19 is a complete fraud. It is designed to increase the number of confirmed cases. At 45 cycles, most of the positives will be false positives. All experimental methods have noise; the PCR test amplifies the sample so much that it cannot see past its own background noise. We don’t know how many of those cases are genuine. 

Around the world, COVID-19 has been treated in a way that is inhumane and designed to increase the number of deaths and confirmed cases. People have been told to wait in their houses and not go to a doctor until they are very sick. This ensures that many more people would die than if they got early treatment, which has been simultaneously suppressed in the media. Hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin have both been demonized in the media and suppressed by the authorities. There was a fake study on hydroxychloroquine which found it to be dangerous that was retracted from the Lancet because the data was made up. This was a huge scandal, but after the paper was retracted, Fauci used it as a justification to prevent hydroxychloroquine from being available in the USA. There have been other studies that attempt to discredit hydroxychloroquine, either by using lethal doses that are too high or not using it properly. It is supposed to be used with zinc. Ivermectin is now going through a similar discrediting process. 

COVID patients have also been given dangerous drugs–remdesivir in the USA and midazolam in the U.K.–that may be the real cause of many COVID deaths. Funeral director O’Loony reports on other ways that COVID deaths are being inflated. Vaccine deaths in the USA are also being reported as COVID deaths. O’Loony reports that this is happening in the UK as well. Most likely it is happening around the world. 

The Nazis have already returned and as before many people are brainwashed and believe the pretexts for everything that is happening. Please see the discussion from Holocaust survivor Vera Shirov on what has been happening. 

What about the validity of the measures that have been employed supposedly to combat COVID-19? Social distancing, masks, and lockdowns are much better at destroying the economy and people’s psychological well-being than they are against COVID. They serve to separate people from one another to ensure they only get information from official sources and not from gossip, which would be their only way of detecting the lies of the official sources. People who believe in social distancing and masks are all cult members. They are all acting like idiots and enabling their own abuse. 

As to the vaccine passports, the Israeli minister of health was recently caught saying that the vaccine passport has no epidemiological justification and only exists to influence people who don’t want to take the vaccine. 

There have also been lies about protests and about the anti-globalist movement. Many nations around the world have had very big protests against lockdowns, vaccines, and vaccine passports but the media has downplayed them and said they are a few hundred people in each protest rather than a few hundred thousand! 

The governments have been taken over by the elites who control the banks, drug companies, and media. They are bringing back Nazi society except this time it is global. The COVID-19 pandemic is the first step. The vaccine passport is the next step. The ultimate goal is to monitor everybody and control everything. You can read about that in The Great Reset.

Camps have been built in Australia, the U.K., the USA and I don’t know where else. They are made to contain tens of thousands of people. They are being called quarantine facilities but there is no justification for mass quarantining people over COVID. 

There have been changes to the definitions of “pandemic”, “vaccination”, “herd immunity” from the WHO and CDC to ensure that there can be pandemics all the time and any Frankenstein monster can be considered a vaccine. 

The “vaccines” that are being administered to billions of people around the world now are not vaccines according to the old definition of the CDC. Before, they would be considered gene therapy. Really the vaccines should be considered a new kind of virus that depends on humans for transmission. By calling them vaccines they want to deceive people into accepting gene therapy as a vaccine and maintain their immunity from liability in the USA. In the USA vaccine manufacturers are not liable. The whole process of compensating people for vaccine injury has been socialized since 1986. 

Speaking of liability, the contracts which Pfizer has signed with governments have been kept secret but have been leaked and add a lot of perspective to what has been happening. In particular, the contracts state that governments have to defend Pfizer against any indemnity so that they cannot suffer losses. Governments have been so corrupted by the corporate elites that they have been turned into agents of Pfizer.

I have not even said anything about the fake vaccines yet but those are the biggest deceptions of all. A huge amount of information has been collected here on the safety and efficacy of the vaccines as well as the misinformation campaign surrounding them. See below. 

8) What sources do you use to make up your mind about how governments act in the pandemic situation?

Daniel Krawisz: The most important source is the Corona Investigative Committee, headed by lawyer Reiner Füllmich. Since mid-2020, this committee has interviewed over 150 experts on the nature of the pandemic and the effects of government policies on people and the economy. The findings of this committee are that we are witnessing the biggest crime against humanity in history. Here is a podcast episode that introduces his organization and their findings. I have linked to many interviews above but there are many more and most that I have heard are very worth listening to.  

Other important sources are America’s Frontline DoctorsFront Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance, and Doctors for COVID Ethics.

In order to find information, you should not believe the government or the media, or use Google or any of the other big tech companies. You should look for people who have humanity and who can think like real scientists. That means asking questions, not simply accepting authority but looking at and analyzing the information that is available to them. 

I try to have friends all over the world and to ask them what is going on. Unfortunately, it is not easy to have friends all over the world. I’m trying to maintain the small-world shape of the network. In order to do that you should have roughly half local and half international friends. If everyone did that, everyone would have good information through gossip. The small-world shape is more stable when there is an easy way of rejecting irrelevant information, which we do not have right now. 

9) In what way do the sources you rely on deviate from the mainstream news?

Daniel Krawisz: My sources of information are people who were not journalists before the pandemic started but who stepped forward to speak out about it. The difference is motivation. They have not become journalists to get paid. They speak from their humanity. Journalism for them is not a job. It is something you do to save your own life. It is redemption. That is why people should be willing to spend money to spread information. 

10) How could Bitcoin help differentiate between fake and real information?

Daniel Krawisz: Proof-of-work can be used in a method to discern the truth. Adam Back’s original HashCash protocol was proposed as a spam filter and safeguard against denial-of-service attacks. Bitcoin’s function as a timestamp server enables people to attach proof of work to any message without being confused about when the proof of work was created. Adam Back’s protocol was interactive, but with Bitcoin, you can just post a message with proof-of-work and let anyone look at it later. 

Proof-of-work is the peacock’s tail. The peacock’s tail is his sexual signal. The female uses it to assess his value. Why does she care about it? Quite simply because he can’t afford to lie with his tail. If it were any bigger, he would risk his life too much to make it worthwhile. If the peafowl didn’t rely on beautiful tails, then females would get tricked into mating with weak males and the next generation would be weak. 

Zahavi showed that provable waste is the only honest signal of fitness. Once we all learn this, we will finally be able to have good information. I wish we could all learn this because it would save many lives. We need the truth more than anything right now. People in Bitcoin are affected by a kind of greed that makes them believe they can make money in ways that won’t work. Instead of getting paid, people who have information that society needs must bring themselves closer to death for all to see. That is what proof-of-work is for. This is the only way for truth to win out against deception. 

The worst deceiver is yourself. This is why truth-seeking needs to be a collaborative process. In order to cooperate, we all need to find each other and turn away from those who are not motivated by truth. Something like this happens in science. Within science, there is the incentive to correct others’ mistakes. This enables scientists to form a small-world network since they need to pass on information to each other to remain up-to-date. 

However, there are many problems with science. First, most people aren’t very good at it and do not participate easily. Then we have problems with scam artists pretending to be scientists, like we have now. Second, science is only good for things that we can study carefully for a long time until we all agree on it. In the real world, you can only afford to do that with the most important knowledge and there are many questions that you just need to take your best guess on, and we cannot all come to an agreement about such things. We just need to take our own risks. Real-world conditions change constantly, so answers from science can come too late. Finally, science takes a lot of studies to find relevant information in all the mess. People who do science as a career can do this, but other people do not have time to learn this way. 

Proof-of-work is compatible with science but also with practical reasoning and it saves a lot of time. It is a way to converge on the truth that everyone can be involved in and that solves the problems I discussed above. 

I have said above that we are being Syble attacked; we would not have this problem if we were using proof-of-work. If we were using that, there would be an incentive for everyone to prove that all their hash power belongs to the same identity. It is not as good to spread it out over a lot of fake identities. Right now, fake identities are cheap, and we need to make them expensive. 

We can design systems that reliably transmit good information once we adopt Dawkins’s idea that evolutionary theory applies to all information, not just that which is found in DNA. All information supports replication and there is competition for storage space. It is better to think of all information as if it is alive and wants to reproduce. Dawkins called mental replicators memes

Only with this insight can we design systems in which truth wins out over falsehood. We cannot control information. Our minds are like the world during the Cambrian explosion. Before there were a few primitive forms, since the growth of civilization and worldwide communication, a vast new environment for ideas has emerged. Human ideas are not rational, in general. They are mutants that try any random thing to survive. They will exploit any quirk in our psychology to maintain life. 

Today we are overrun with ideas that turn people into slaves or zombies. They distract people from what truly matters in life but are so complex and have such a stronghold on people’s emotions that few can unravel them rationally to understand how they are hurtful. 

We do not do a very good job fighting parasitic memes. Our society is overwhelmed with infection of the mind. We can do a much better job when we actually start thinking about information transmission as equivalent to sex. 

Right now, you have to pay for news, either with money or by watching ads. The problem with this is that it is impossible to prove that information is good. If you buy a sandwich, you pretty much know if it is good when you eat it. But when you watch the news, can you know that it was good by how it tastes? No, you could only do that if you had some independent view of the world that you could use to check its accuracy. But if you had that, you wouldn’t need the news. Furthermore, good information is not just about accuracy, it is about relevance. The news tells you what is important, but it is only by being an active seeker of information rather than a consumer that you would know if the information in the news is important. 

If you want to be a consumer of news, you should not pay for it. Does a female pay a male for sperm? No, the male just wants to give it away. Reproduction is the ultimate reward, not money. She must work to prevent him from giving it to her. We need a model that is more like that which is found in nature. People with information need to pay to give it away. Consumers of information need to select what they consume very carefully and must reject most offers to receive information. Only those who probably approach death get to reproduce. 

The ediacaran fauna, which are believed to be early animals, looked a bit like leaves and had no mouth, hard parts, or ability to move. They could not move and they had no defenses. They do not survive today because they were eaten up by more complex forms that arose in the Cambrian. By the time the Cambrian got going, all animals had to have defenses. Eyes, the ability to move, hard shells, all first appeared in the Cambrian. 

Our ideas today are like those early forms that are easily consumed. We need ideas that are like more sophisticated life forms. Ideas that are not exploitations or attempts to exploit, like communism. Ideas like Bitcoin, with all inputs and outputs accounted for. People who defend themselves with proof-of-work will not be susceptible to ideas that are contrary to human life and happiness. They will be able to reject bad ideas early. 

This is about our survival. We have seen the news media try to trick people into killing themselves. The situation now is very dangerous. I think many more people will die and there will be more opportunities to trick people with fear. I have said above that totalitarians are more hypnotized than their followers. They have been so taken by an idea that they have put it ahead of their own self-interest and become a slave to it. This phenomenon has of course been depicted by Ayn Rand and is a big theme with her. 

Parasitic memes can be so strong that they can make people into their slaves, even to the point of killing themselves or others. We can prevent people from being in conflict with themselves with something so simple that it is almost nothing. Proof-of-work gives the advantage to symbiotic memes. If people had known this, much death could have been prevented. 

11) Let us talk about COVID vaccines. You have a strong opinion on that.

Daniel Krawisz: The fake vaccines are a deadly poison. We do not yet know all the ways that they can kill people or all of their health risks. We don’t know the long-term effect that they will have on people but what we have seen is very sinister. 

There is a lot you can know from the propaganda campaign surrounding the vaccines. If the vaccines were any good you would not need a propaganda campaign. You would not need incentives in terms of money or French Fries. You would not need to bully people into taking them with illegal mandates. People would just want it. 

If you get jabbed, you are being injected with genetic material that reproduces inside your body. It is the same as sex, but people are not treating it like sex. They aren’t acting like sexual morality applies but it does. The potential consequence of sex is a baby you hate and a big opportunity cost. In the case of these shots, the “baby” might be death, antibody-dependent enhancement, or some kind of cancer. But the problem is the same. It is something small that can grow very big. Are the drug companies acting like strong males who will have good children? Did they probably approach death when they advertised to you? I think they are acting like weak males who want to pressure the whole world into sex before anybody has a chance to think about it! 

There is absolutely no way anybody could know that the COVID shots are safe and yet there was a concerted propaganda campaign to insist that they are. Normally it takes over ten years to develop a vaccine. No toxicology study was done on these shots prior to human trials and the human trials were not completed before the mass vaccination program began. In effect, this is a worldwide experimental trial. 

People who have administered the shot without explaining that it is experimental gene therapy with unknown risks have violated the Nuremberg codes, which establish that informed consent is required for medical experiments. In the past the penalty was death and that is what it should be today as well. 

We know that the shots are not safe from the information in vaccine adverse reaction reporting systems such as VAERS in the USA and Yellow Card in the U.K. These systems show over a 1000% increase in adverse reactions from 2020 to 2021. This cannot be explained away because we did not have a 1000% increase in the number of vaccines administered. There are now over 14,000,000 deaths listed in VAERS and we do not know the degree to which VAERS is underreported, but in the past, vaccines have been halted for causing far fewer deaths. 

There are reports on people dying en masse from the shots in nursing homes

Data from Israel shows that the vaccines killed about 40 times as many elderly people as it saved. Another analysis shows that it is also very bad for young people. In Israel, most cases of COVID are in vaccinated people and also most severe cases. This analysis of data from Scotland shows that although unvaccinated people account for more cases of COVID, the vaccinated account for a much higher proportion of deaths from COVID. It also shows how the government data is presented in a way to make this statistic not immediately obvious. 

The shots cause people to generate the COVID-19 spike proteins, which are known to be toxic and cause damage to the lungs, arteries, and brain. We do not know how long these spike proteins stay in your body or how long they continue to be produced, but we know they get into every organ and we know people shed them through their breath and skin, thus exposing other people to them. This presentation summarizes the ways that the spike protein can hurt you. 

Some evidence for how the spike proteins are harming people can be found in a small, unpublished study by Dr. Charles Hoff. He found that 62% of his regular patients who had recently got the vaccines showed elevated d-dimer levels, which is a test that detects recent blood clots. Many of the known side effects from the shot can be explained by big clots, but what is apparently happening in most people is tiny blood clots. 

Did Dr. Hoff get a lot of grant money to do a big study that could be published in a journal based on his initial findings? No, he lost his job. Even in science, life-threatening dogma prevails. Eventually, it will be widely understood how the shots affect blood clotting and there will be big studies on it. For now, all we have are reports with small amounts of data from people who are willing to risk their jobs and lying fact-checkers online who are employed by vaccine companies such as Google will say that we are evil people who don’t understand science who are spreading misinformation by warning people. 

The shots damage the immune system and kill your CD8 cells, which leads to an increase in cancer because your body does not fight cancers as effectively anymore. 

Dr. Simone Gold reports that women around the world have had irregular periods after taking the shots. Soon the NIH will do a study of the vaccine’s effect on the menstrual cycle. 

They have already given these shots to over a billion people and this issue is only just now being studied. This is incompetent and malicious. If you try to say that you don’t want the shots because they are affecting lots of women’s periods, you get called an idiot who doesn’t understand science! That is a bunch of manipulation and people are putting their lives and health at risk over social punishments from people who will probably be dead soon. 

What about the shot’s effect on sterility in general? This, too, is not understood very well but there are some warning signs. There are studies that show that the spike protein concentrates in the ovaries. In rats, the spike protein reduces fertility by 16%.  

Earlier this year the shots were supposed to be good for life, now we know that they rapidly stop working there need to be booster shots every six months, and people who fell for the vaccine passports have learned that their vaccination status will expire and then they won’t be allowed in restaurants and won’t be allowed to travel again. Each shot does progressive damage, so I hope we don’t see too many people fooled into taking the booster. The vaccines are not strong enough to prevent people from being infected and spreading COVID. That means that mutants of COVID will have a big advantage and spread quickly. That will be good because the mutants will probably be less harmful than the original. 

We have not seen all that the shots do yet either. Some side effects take years. People have warned about many potential problems of the shots that have not been studied beforehand. There is the potential for antibody-dependent enhancement, which means that if you are infected again your immune system eventually produces an extreme response that kills you instead of saves you. Gene therapies are supposed to be studied for their potential to cause cancer, but this has not been done. People have also suggested that the spike protein can work like a prion, thus causing neurodegeneration. 

We know those spike proteins get in the brain and cause neurological damage. Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnie believes that this is possible and worth worrying about. Instead of acting cautiously and trying to understand the real risk, Luc has been deplatformed and the mainstream media and their brainwashed drones who watch it all believe that vaccine hesitancy is the only real problem. 

Since COVID-19 started, I have looked into vaccines in general and I think they are all scams. The same kinds of propaganda and dishonesty have existed with vaccines in the past. Manufacturers have often relied on governments to mandate vaccines or pay for them. Today it is simply much worse, and the vaccines are about 100 times worse than any previous vaccine that was mass-marketed. 

There is an important idea from game theory called a stable strategy. That means that if everyone is following the strategy, then they are each individually worse off if they follow a different strategy. The great thing about stable strategies is that nobody has to make anybody else follow them. The idea of a stable strategy explains the natural persistence of ethics and kindness within social animals. Unfortunately, the problem we get when we don’t understand this idea is that people think in terms of collective benefit and not in terms of individual benefit. There can be behaviors that would be very beneficial if everyone did them, but which are not as good as if everyone else did them and you don’t. When people try to promote one of these unstable behaviors, they put themselves in the position of having to find and punish all defectors. 

All vaccines have been, at best, an unstable strategy. The risk of being hurt by them is justified on the basis of the health benefits of society. That is socialism. In order for a vaccine to be a stable strategy, it would have to be something that would be worth the cost for you even if everyone else already had it. Instead, they have risks of their own but people have been tricked into serving drug companies by denying those risks and calling it child abuse if you don’t vaccinate your kids when really unvaccinated children are healthier and the risks of vaccines are so bad that manufacturers have had to hijack the U.S. government to remove all their liability. 

12) Do you fear a vaccination passport being implemented via Bitcoin?

Daniel Krawisz: No, I want the totalitarians to get addicted to Bitcoin. Right now, Bitcoin needs to survive by any means possible. My biggest fear is that Bitcoin will be crushed by the totalitarians. If they become dependent on Bitcoin, they won’t be able to stop it. Later on, Bitcoiners will have the upper hand. Bitcoin will ensure that the global state is faithfully transmitted locally. The totalitarian will no longer be able to create an illusion. 

Getting totalitarians addicted does not mean that we all need to tow the party line. One of the great things about Bitcoin is that people can do different things. We need to explore all options simultaneously, like a slime mold. One of the most important things we can do to rescue people from totalitarians is to keep talking like rational people in public and not allow ourselves to be distracted by the FUD. Remember, totalitarianism involves mass hypnosis. We need to keep showing everyone how to be awake. This will prevent things from getting as bad as if we had stayed silent. 

13) Is there something like a COVID cult? 

Daniel Krawisz: Yes, the entire pandemic has been engineered with misdirection and lies and people who have fallen for it are being manipulated into cult members. They are being tricked into listening only to the authorities and not to one another or to dissident opinions. We see how they act like they love masks and vaccines and are superior to hurting themselves. They think that people who don’t want experimental gene therapy are stupid. This is exactly what we see in Scientology and it is just like this horrible BTC cult too! 

With cults, we frequently see an exoteric and esoteric doctrine. This happens because the true views of the insiders are unacceptable to the wider society and the cult is in disguise to appear as something else. This may be benign and may be necessary because the views of the wider society are oppressive and narrow-minded. However, it may also be a conspiracy to commit horrible crimes. In this case, the exoteric doctrine is a lure to draw in unsuspecting people to turn them into slaves of the leaders. 

People are given explanations for everything they are doing in terms of the exoteric doctrine and are not told the real purpose. They are tricked into investing their time and money into the cult, which gives them cognitive dissonance. Then they readily accept justifications for what they have done no matter how ridiculous, and they readily accept excuses to avoid and demonize those who weren’t tricked just to avoid thinking they have made a mistake. 

14) And is there something like a death cult in this world? I bring this up because Dr. Craig Wright pointed out certain groups that seem to have an inner drive to get rid of plenty of people. The video is time-stamped here:

What do you think?

Daniel Krawisz: Yes, I think that people have very strong instincts and they invent religions to justify them when really these instincts are about their DNA. You can think of humans as being like all animals put together. There is a greater variety in human behavior than in other animals. You can find any other animal in humans. 

When a male lion takes over a pride, he will often kill all the cubs in order to make room for his future cubs. There are people with instincts just like this. Their DNA tells them that the best way to spread is to eliminate the competition. They see the problems of the world as having to do with other people that need to be eliminated. They want to make room for their DNA in the population. 

Since humans have learned to imagine, there has been a conflict between DNA and ideas that try to overpower DNA. Ideas cannot persist in the human mind consistently without being consistent with the maximization of human fitness, but ideas change much faster than DNA, so there will always be this conflict. Communism and eugenics are the biggest historical examples of an idea that tries to be more powerful than the DNA. We are now seeing something that is even worse with these gene therapies. Now the DNA itself is treated as something under the control of the human design and we have mass DNA manipulation by mad scientists. 

What we see in this death cult seems partly based on an instinct, like the lion, and partly something that has its own independent will to live, that human minds never evolved to be able to handle. In the past, human ideas changed slowly and were traditional. There was less innovation and there was more time for bad ideas to die out before they totally changed society. Today we have new ideas all the time and people are vulnerable to ideas that have not been vetted by generations of trial-and-error. There is a big need to understand the consequences before we take action which is not being addressed. 

I have created a story with similar themes about an island that resembles our world. Yom is a hub-and-spokes network that is at the center of everything in Mercat society. He controls everything and prevents understanding of his true nature. Yem was inspired by Ray Kurzweil. Yem is like a transhumanist who has altered his DNA to become immortal. I did not know this at the time, but transhumanism is the exoteric doctrine of the New World Order cult that is being used to introduce technologies that Ray Kurzweil is the perfect cult member. 

Yem is not a cult member, but he is a self-deceiver. What happened to Yem when he made himself immortal? He set himself apart from everyone else. The real cost of immortality is that your own children become your biggest enemy. You cannot abide competition and must maintain a unique position. A part of Yem desires love but he knows he can never have it. 

Flip is a character who does not accept things at face value and who understands how Yem controls society. He desires Yem’s love and is someone who can love Yem back. However, when he asks this of Yem, Yem cannot allow it. Yem must prevent Flip from understanding genetic engineering because that would make him a competitor. Flip, however, understands that without this information, Yem’s love is not genuine and he, therefore, ultimately rejects Yem and discovers how to reproduce him in the laboratory. 

Flip defeats Yem by rejecting immortality. He returns having modified himself along similar lines to Yem. He will be able to consistently take greater risks than Yem, which will result in more transmission of information. His information is, moreover, competitive with Yem’s because it includes his own DNA rather than just manipulation. Thus, Yem will lose attention over time, and eventually, the Mercat population will all have Flip’s abilities. You can’t really be immortal because the world changes faster than you can adapt to it and eventually, you’re better off leaving and making room for your own children, 

The Illiad connects war to sex. Helen of Troy represents women and she is the object of the war. Humans have evolved with instincts for a sex contest that is based on war. This instinct today has become degenerate because it no longer makes any sense. We have an interconnected world in which all people benefit from another through capitalism. Today people have polarized along global lines rather than national. The warlike people who have attempted to control nations have formed an international alliance against peaceful people. We have to oppose them with our own international movement, not for creating a world government but to connect over our shared humanity. Marx said that capitalism was alienating but I think he was one of these warlike degenerates who was out of place in the modern world. Ayn Rand connected capitalism to sex in The Fountainhead. In this book, there is a temple of reason with a statue of a nude woman in the center. This is the next stage of human evolution. In order to get sex, men have to use reason to contribute something good. This is a religion that says capitalism is engaging, not alienating. 

I think the best religion is maximizing inclusive fitness. My view has been very influenced by Richard Dawkins. However, he too is a man who seems to be overtaken with an idea that is more powerful than his own DNA, like Yem. He has more than once said that we need a society that is un-Darwinian as possible. However, the whole idea of the selfish gene is to put Darwinism at the foundation of ethics, so why wouldn’t he want society to be Darwinian? If humans are social animals, then people who make society better should be able to spread their DNA more. Dawkins’s way of thinking will be to make everybody use unstable strategies that require control systems. Instead of being un-Darwinnian what we need is to have a long-time horizon, which will result in bad DNA being weeded out at earlier stages of the process. Instead of having a high infant mortality rate, for example, people will have a very difficult sex contest that only the best social animals will pass. Thinking long-term is not just a good idea; it will also lead to more viable offspring. 

We have seen that many people have so little integrity that they can be tricked into injecting themselves with foreign genetic material. These people are being weeded out of the population. The situation is very dangerous and survival is not easy. I want to get through it alive. 

Before I’ve talked a lot about everything I don’t like about Christianity, but what I’ve seen is that some Christians have ideas which make them better equipped to survive in the modern world. This has to do with their connection to a God of fixed principles that is stronger than any short-term distraction that some manipulator tries to use on them. The real benefit of this connection is people to one another who share a similar integrity and who can protect each other. To me, this is what you would do if you were thinking about how to maximize your own inclusive fitness and it is like being part of a flock or a herd. This is really what I’ve been trying to tell people in Bitcoin that they need to do, and what the value of money is all about. 

Reiner says that this is a legal, a journalistic, and a spiritual battle, and that the power of humanity is stronger than the other side. This conflict is about connecting to your humanity and escaping from a powerful idea that conflicts with it. The true interest of humanity is to connect to other people who also have humanity rather than to a control center that has none. He has an interview with Rabbi Chananya Weissman who says that the people in power are in a war against God and that he doesn’t know how bad things will get, but ultimately God will intervene and bring justice to them. I think that this can be explained economically. Economics is like God because it gives everyone the incentive to be good and everyone who disobeys gets punished eventually. The effects of economics are beyond many people’s time horizons. They don’t want to think about them. Attempts to control everything are unstable because they make society into a bad deal for most of the people in it. Power is a shared illusion, not something that you can really have. Incentives are the real reason society exists. You cannot hold society together with power alone because power depends on society, and if you make society into a bad deal, eventually you destroy what you depend on.

15) In our other interview, you said: “My family and friends acted like they thought I was a failure and other people I knew in Bitcoin all became cult members who wanted to ignore me rather than serve my needs. Because of Bitcoin, I was isolated to a degree that I did not realize was possible in the modern world.” Are you going through the same situation now with your opinion on COVID and vaccines?

Daniel Krawisz: Yes, I am. The rest of my family is all doctors, and they have all taken the vaccines and they believe this is a good idea. My sister took the vaccine while she was pregnant. Fortunately, the baby seems to be fine so far, but I have not even met my own nephew because whenever I have talked about visiting, my sister says it is too dangerous. 

16) Your personal call: will Bitcoin as a tool lead to more or to less freedom?

Daniel Krawisz: Bitcoin will lead to more freedom. Controlling other people is inefficient. Bitcoin miners have the strongest incentive of anybody to think long-term. The more you can prove that your mining operation will survive long-term, the more you can afford to pay for hash power; hence the more of the economy you will have and the more your ideas will be transmitted today. Bitcoin miners will figure out how to replace all control structures with ASIC machines. People who have the longest time horizon usually win, just like people who think more moves ahead in chess or any other game. Free slaves are something that makes Bitcoin go up, which is what we all want, and consistently maintaining a longer time horizon will eventually make this possible. 

Any last statement before both of us get deported because of this interview?

Daniel Krawisz: I’ll see you in the Gulag. 

Thanks, Daniel! See you in the camp.

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