Kurt Wucker jr. at CoinGeek Weekly Livestream Episode 9 - Season 2

CoinGeek Weekly Livestream tackles Bitcoin Citadels, entry-level jobs in BSV and Dr. Craig Wright speech on IPv6

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CoinGeek Bitcoin Historian Kurt Wuckert Jr. believes that the concept of a Bitcoin Citadel for small blockers is far from what he has envisioned for BSV. As he points out, small blockers tend to think of it as a place where early BTC HODLers can live in luxury, whereas he sees BSV’s Citadel to be a place for learning skills required to build a successful business on blockchain.

“You need people to teach you to learn to code, but also learn to run a business, learn to run marketing, learn to influence people, learn to generate sales and profits, and then convert those things into bigger and better acquisitions and sales and more profits,” Wuckert says.

On this ‘Ask Me Anything’ episode of the CoinGeek Weekly Livestream, a query on entry-level jobs in the BSV community came up, to which Wuckert advised interested individuals to explore the companies within the BSV ecosystem. He says, find out which companies speak to you, reach out to them and make the pitch.

“Talk yourself into a job. There’s a lot of value to that. Be someone who can help service the value of the brand, and then you become a valuable asset to the brand,” he notes.

The topic of easing hyperinflation and what BSV can do to help also came up in the discussion. The digital gold aspect of BSV and other coins was never the purpose of Bitcoin to begin with, Wuckert asserts. He said Bitcoin was invented to be a cash system that can be used as a business tool and ease problems in commerce on the internet. He suggests creating a basket currency that will support a stablecoin pegged to take the top 10 fiat currencies of the world.

“You can add in whatever rate the basket can be, and then you use that as a stablecoin to transact over the network. I’m a big fan of tokens being used on top of the settlement layer and on BSV that would be essentially free. You wouldn’t notice the fees because they’re like a thousandth of a penny to make transactions, but then you can have a basket currency when the ruble collapses.. you don’t feel it necessarily, so maybe everybody gets paid in this basket currency instead,” he says.

Wuckert also addressed a question about the systems built on Bitcoin, and how they can help in AI-generated fake news. For his part, AI has problems with data gathering. And in an effort to acquire precise results, he believes that storing data on-chain is part of the solution.

“What we can know is what the data tells us. And if we keep the data in a way where the data can’t be tampered with, we get more data and there is nothing more valuable than lots and lots and lots of data. Accurate data allows us to make better estimations,” he points out.

Wuckert briefly touched on nChain Chief Scientist Dr. Craig Wright’s presentation at the recently concluded IEEE Blockchain Symposium in Dubai. Wuckert expects Dr. Wright to talk about how Bitcoin was designed to replace various aspects of the internet for security and efficiency reasons. He says Dr. Wright will also stress on ways that communications should transpire in various networks—an important aspect in determining the future of the internet.

“So Craig, talking to them about like IPv6 and how packets can be bundled and transacted over Bitcoin instead of over some other rail likely speaks to them in a way that they haven’t been spoken to in a very long time,” he says.

Wuckert looks forward to big developments in the BSV ecosystem, saying he expects to see more developers building substantial businesses within the year.

“I think there’s some big business partnerships. There’s some big stuff going on with various mining pools. I’m very bullish on TAAL, which I was not particularly bullish on before, but I think TAAL is going to be an incredible company. I don’t know how much stuff is going to change this year, but I really like their trajectory. I’m excited about stuff going on in Gorilla Pool. I’m excited to see what’s going on with a bunch of changes at Bitcoin Association, most notably working on the Citadel,” Wuckert reveals.

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